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Career Development

Master's degree program

Choosing A Suitable Master's Degree Program

Picking the Right Master’s Degree Option A master's degree…
Skills for aspiring entrepreneurs

7 Skills Aspiring Entrepreneurs Should Learn

Important Skills for Aspiring Entrepreneurs Getting educated…
Internet tools to reinvent your career

5 Internet Tools To Reinvent Your Career

Online Tools to Help You Get Ahead Feeling stuck in your career?…
online vs classroom learning

Online vs Classroom Learning: Pros And Cons

Online or traditional learning, which is best for you? Gone…
Social media marketer

Social Media Marketer Job: What It Takes

What It takes to be a social media marketer Facebook, Twitter,…
career-inspiring movies

4 Movies that Will Inspire Your Career

 Get Inspiration for Your Career from the Silver Screen Once…
Mater a new skill

7 Techniques to Master a New Skill

Learn a new skill faster If you’re planning to learn a new…
Personal resilience

Nurturing Personal Resilience For Greatness

Building internal toughness There are many skills you need as…
Study programmes

Study Programmes That Work for You

Learning for the modern student Studying a specific subject…

8 Extra Skills To Help You Land A Good Job

Skills to help you grow in your career The job market is changing…
Laying a solid career foundation

Laying A Solid Foundation For Your Career

Traits to help you lay the right career foundation Most people…
Content marketing job

Content Marketer Job: What It Takes

What it takes to be a content marketer The internet has created…
Job transition

Job Transition: Leaving A Job Without Another

Should you leave your current job without another? Staying on…

7 Useful Middle-Level Management Tips

Succeeding in middle-level management Middle-level management…

How To Spot A Bad Employer and Avoid Them

Spotting bad management from far A job interview should not…
Job apps

Job Apps Are The New Frontier

Job hunting made easier You have probably heard the saying that…

Technology is Changing Job Hunt for Millennials

Job hunting the modern way Remember the days of drafting your…
Job hunting tips

6 Job-Hunting Tips For Fresh Graduates

Job search tips Congratulations! You just graduated from the…
ACCA Qualification

ACCA Qualification for Accountants

Accountants rule! The world of business and finance is increasingly…
Confidence at work

How Confidence At Work Gets You Promoted

Rising up the ladder through confidence Getting a promotion…
MBA in Kenya

Why You Should Pursue An MBA In Kenya

Reasons why an MBA is good for your career Enrollment numbers…

Job Relocation: Should You Move for a Job?

Following your dreams from town to town In some countries, such…
Interview tips

Interview Tips: What Employers Want

What employers want to know about you You walk into an interview…

Meet Magunga: Trained Lawyer Turned Successful Blogger

Blazing the trail, one story at a time For many people, a career…
NYS recruitment

NYS Recruitment: What Job Seekers Need To Know

The National Youth Service (NYS) has been actively recruiting…
Employee to entrepreneur

From Employee To Entrepreneur: Do You Have What It Takes?

Becoming an entrepreneur Many of us dream of becoming self-employed…
Coaching and mentoring

Coaching And Mentoring For The Female African Leader

The Value of Business Coaching and Mentorship Coaching and mentoring…
Job recommendation

Should I Give My Friend A Job Recommendation In Our Company?

Should You Endorse Someone For A Job? Dear BrighterMonday, I…
Choosing a career with start-ups

Things To Consider Before Choosing A Career With Start-Ups

All About Careers With Start-ups Working for a start-up can…
New Year Resolutions

New Year Resolutions for Your Career Path

Make Winning New Year Resolutions for Your Career The year is…

Make Your Career Your Valentine: Love Your Career

Show your career some love It’s that time of the year again…
Master's degree

When is The Right Time To Get A Master’s Degree?

Why and when to take up a Master’s degree You probably resolved…
Job cuts

Job Cuts in Kenya: The Growing Headache of Job Loss

Industries laying off heavily and how to cushion yourself According…
Career apps

Top 10 Career Apps You Need this Year

New app, new horizons It's nearing the end of January and as…
Emerging jobs

Emerging Jobs To Keep An Eye on in 2017

Fantastic jobs to try out in 2017 You have been looking for…
Christmas festivities

Lessons for Your Career from the Christmas Festivities

Celebrate and learn from the Christmas festivities The Christmas…
Career and education

Career and Education: Choosing a Different Career Path

Taking a different career path from your education Hi BrighterMonday, I…

Job loss: Signs That You Are About To Lose Your Job

Knowing when your job is on the line You love your job. In fact,…

Work From Home: Emerging Jobs For Freelancers

Make money online You have dropped CVs in numerous companies.…

How Does Job-Hopping Influence Your Career Progression?

Reasons, pros, and cons of job-hopping The young and the restless.…

Family-Owned Business: Should You Take Up A Job In One?

What do you need to know when working in your family’s business? Family-owned…

Career Choice: The Fundamentals of Choosing Right

What to consider when making a career choice Making a career…

Why SME Jobs are Great Starting Points for Graduates

Should you consider SME jobs as a fresh graduate? You just left…

Internships in Kenya as Great Career Launching Pads

Why internships in Kenya are a great career starting point Internships…

I lack emotional intelligence; I miss out on promotions

Hi BrighterMonday, I have been trying to get a promotion to…

7 Simple Ways to Beat the Unemployment Crisis

Overcoming the unemployment crisis An average of 800,000 job…

Professional Development Course: Why You Need One

Is a professional development course important? You have your…

Talent and Career:Turn Your Talent into A Job

The connection between your talent and career You just finished…

What Next After A Job Rejection? Stay Positive

How to handle a job rejection We tend to get so excited when…

Women in Leadership: Tips on Getting to The Top

How more women can get into leadership Leadership has been a…

Social Media For Job Hunting; It Works Effectively

Can you search for a job through social media? The short answer…

Applicable Career Lessons from The Olympic Games

Learn how to improve your career from the olympics The Olympic…

Online Job Hunting: How the Internet has Changed Job Search

The mere fact that you are reading this article on a website…

Career Development: Finding the Right Career Mentor

A career mentor is an individual who holds your hand through…

Should you have a Plan B in your Career?

In the current economy many companies opt to downsize so that…
Breaking down barriers

Breaking Down Barriers In Your Career

Overcoming challenges along your career journey Sometime in…

Shift into Neutral

  Not all things in life are supposed to be black or…


I spent the better part of my December vacation under the coastal…

A Peek at the Labor Laws: Know your Rights as an Employee

Do you know your rights as a job seeker or an employee? Do you…

Starting Your Career : Post - Graduation advice

The graduation day of any candidate is usually a memorable event.…

First Days in Employment: How to stand out

Your job search has come to a positive end and you finally…

Professional Resignation, 7 easy steps for a smooth transition

Resignation is, most of the time, not an easy step.  Here are…
Changing careers

Changing Careers? Here is All You Need To Know

All About Taking The Next Step Changing careers after building…

New Year Resolutions for your Career Path

January is over and your thoughts are clearer at this moment.…

Job Applications: How To Ethically Job-Hunt While Still Employed

Does your current employment bog you down? Do you feel uninspired…

6 Reasons Why December Might Be The Best Time To Job Hunt

December is here with us and it being a holiday month, some of…

9 Real Reasons You’re Not Getting Promoted

Have you ever felt stuck at your job? You know, when you feel…

How to Write a Resignation Letter

In any work situation, there comes a time when you need a change…

How to Prepare for A Winning Performance Appraisal

What a performance appraisal is all about The Dreaded Performance…

How to effectively ask or get a promotion

More Kenyans are accessing jobs online. Majority of recruitment…

CV and Cover Letter Writing

Executive level resume

Executive Level Resume: Important Sections

What Matters in a Management-Level CV? An executive level resume…
Updated BrighterMonday Profile

Why An Updated BrighterMonday Profile Matters

Stay current, be visible The dynamic shift from manual methods…

Best Practices in Cover Letter Writing

Why A Cover Letter Is Necessary A cover letter is like a sales…
CV writing

Simple CV Writing Tips to Get Your Resume Read

Recruiters Flip through your CV in 7 Seconds Recruitment managers…

Ideal Sections Of A Professional CV

How To Write A CV Your CV is the potential employer’s first…

What Do Employers Look For In A CV At First Glance?

What do employers look for in a CV before shortlisting you for…

Simple CV Writing Tips to Get Your Resume Read

Why recruiters bin CVs You have been trying to get a job in…

Internal Promotion: Be Prepared When It Comes

Benefits of Internal Promotions An internal promotion is part…

Motivation Letter: What You Should Know

A motivation letter is an introductory document that accompanies…

How to Make the Most of Job Sites

The job-seeking process has evolved over the years. With the…

Brighter Monday Talent Report: Infographics

Youths  bear the brunt of  the high  unemployment rates than…

Cover Letter: Its Purpose And How To Send One

In most job adverts it is a requirement for one to send their…

Job Applications: 5 Reasons Why You Don’t Hear From Employers

You are a zealous job seeker, always scouring job sites for vacancies.…

How Recruiters Flip through your CV in 7 Seconds

On average, a single job advert prompts over 150 applications,…

How to Get a CV Template that Works for You

Your Curriculum Vitae is the only shot you have as a candidate…

Cover letter writing and why it should accompany a CV

The cover letter’s sole purpose is to get the recipient to…

Why a cover letter is necessary

A cover letter is like a sales pitch! This is what summarizes…

How to write a CV - Appropriate formats to use

Your CV and cover letter are your employer’s first impression…

Employers are looking at your career profile


Turning Down an Interview: When To Say No

Declining an interview The general advice is that you should…

Job Offer: Recognising a Company that is Going Places

Choosing a great company to work for For the majority of job…

5 Important Things That Get Kick-Ass Developers Hired

Sell Your Skills More Competently You probably dislike interviews.…
Researching a company

Why Researching A Company Will Land You That Job

Knowing About A Company Before An Interview You’ve  been…
Types of interviews

10 Types of Interviews and How To Tackle Them

Handling different types of interviews You just got the all-important…
Interview Conversation

Interview Conversation: From Interrogation To Discussion

Turn the Interrogation into an Interview conversation You have…

Introverts And Extroverts: Conduct During Interviews

  How introverts and extroverts can nail interviews We…

Getting Fired: Answering “Have you ever been fired?”

Hi BrighterMonday, I need your advice. I lost my job 2 years…

Interview Preparation: Overcoming Interview Nerves

Interview preparation and execution to help you gain confidence You…

Land An Interview With Limited Work Experience

Lack of work experience should not frustrate you I recently…

Shining In A Group Interview; Stay Ahead of The Rest

What is a group interview? You finally got an invitation to…

Dressing for An Interview: Practical Do's and Don’ts

The first impression counts Jobs are hard to find and interviews…

Interviews: Questions to Ask and not to Ask in an Interview

From where you are seated, the interview is going well and you…

Interviews: How to Talk About your Strengths & Weaknesses

A standard question asked during a job interview is to describe…

Safe Job-Hunting: Tips for All Job seekers

Competition for existing job opportunities in Kenya is the result…

Sales and Marketing Jobs in Kenya; How to pass Sales and Marketing Interviews

Sales and marketing jobs in Kenya fall in a highly competitive…

Banking Jobs in Kenya: How to Prepare for Banking Interviews

The exponential growth in the banking industry in Kenya has…

Accounting jobs in Kenya: How to prepare as you look for Accounting jobs in Kenya

Accounting jobs in Kenya are among the most sought-after job…

Job interview Lessons from Valentine’s Day

The popular day in the calendar that lovers look forward to with…

Phone Interview and How to Ace it

Most of us believe that once we state our telephone contacts…

How to Research a Company Before a Job Interview

Every candidate wants to walk into a job interview prepared to…

How To Answer: “Why Did You Leave Your Current Job?”

A job interview is one of the most intimidating ways of making…

Why Deep Research About a Company will Land You That Job

So you got the call you have been waiting and praying so fervently…

Best Interview Answer: What Does Your Former Boss Say About You?

When in a job interview, one must be prepared to answer all kinds…

Download Templates

Using the right template will allow you to highlight the best aspects of your professional background and credentials to potential employers. These templates are in Microsoft Word formats to enable you to edit easily. Click on the links below to download any of our FREE templates of your choice.

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Cover Letter Template

Resignation Letter Template


Andela Kenya

Andela Kenya: Shaping The Kenyan Tech Space

Telling the Kenyan Story Through an EPIC Journey The silicon…
working at BrighterMonday

How it is Working at BrighterMonday Kenya

With more than 50 enthusiastic employees, BrighterMonday’s…
Build winning team

How To Build Winning Teams at Work

Team building ideas Think about your favourite football team.…
Negative co-workers

Handling Negative Co-workers Professionally

Dealing with Negativity at work Every workspace has its own…
Effective meetings

Practical Ways of Holding Effective Meetings

Managing team meetings successfully We have heard about them…
Open plan office

6 Ways To Thrive In An Open Plan Office

Staying productive in an open office Open plan offices denote…
Leave days in Kenya

What The Law Says About Leave Days in Kenya

Leave days as gazetted by the government Taking a rest is important…
Lying boss

How To See Through a Lying Boss

Sifting through the lies Lies are everywhere. It is not only…
Manipulative boss

5 Tell Tale Signs of A Manipulative Boss

Identifying manipulative behaviour and dealing with it Imagine…
Staying productive at work

7 Tips On Staying Productive At Work l BrighterMonday

Improving your output at work Let’s face it, modern offices…
Work at home

Work At Home: 7 Practical Ways To Stay Disciplined

Staying motivated despite the environment In a tech-savvy world,…
Bad managers

7 Types Of Bad Managers As Depicted In Movies

Poor management at work Movies, series and TV shows are often…
Annual leave

When Is The Right Time To Take An Annual Leave?

Time for some rest and relaxation Your annual leave is a time…
Millennials in the workplace

Millennials In The Workplace Are Transforming The World

Generation Y in the workplace Millennials were typically people…
Stand out at work

11 Professional Ways To Help You Stand Out At Work

 Considering Your Personal Brand in The Workplace You might…
surviving Day one in a new workplace

8 Ways of Surviving Day One in A New Workplace

Living through the first day at a new job You finally got that…
Effective delegation of tasks

The Effective Delegation of Tasks in Management

How to successfully delegate tasks Delegation is a practice…
Toxic workplace

How to Survive In A Toxic Workplace

Rising above a negative work environment Is your workplace marked…

6 Reasons Not to Accept A Counteroffer

Is it okay to accept a counteroffer? According to Investopedia,…
Multi-generational workplace

Working in a Diverse Multi-Generational Workplace

Thriving in a generationally diverse workplace Millennials are…
Effective supervisor

10 Qualities of An Effective Supervisor

Leadership skills for the modern manager You just landed a promotion…
Going back to work

Going Back To Work Smoothly After The Holidays

Settle back to work faster The holiday period was amazing. You…
Giving constructive feedback

Giving Constructive Feedback to An Underperforming Employee

How to give negative feedback positively Giving feedback to…
Get recognised at work

How Can I Get Recognised At Work For My Efforts?

Getting recognised and rewarded for your work You put your best…
Employer branding

What Job Seekers Need to Know About Company Branding

Employer branding and the digital era One of the best ways for…

Handling Negative Feedback at Work Professionally

Dealing with negative feedback Negative feedback at work is…

Organizational Culture: The Guiding Principle For Every organization

What defines organizational culture? You walk into an interview…

Managing People Older Than You: Tips for Younger Bosses

Tips on managing people older than you Hi BrighterMonday, My…

Gossiping Co-workers: Handling Office Gossip

Dealing with gossiping co-workers Gossip is defined as rumour…

Applicable Tips for Office Conflict Resolution

Causes and solutions to office conflict Office conflict resolution…

Office Nepotism: Stolen Opportunities at the Workplace

The workplace has evolved over the years to reflect the diversity…

When you have a Bullying Boss

Working under a bullying boss is every employee's nightmare.…

Your Network Equals Your Net Worth: Building Workplace Network

Creating a valuable network of connections in the workplace is…

Personal Branding and The Workplace

“Be Yourself, Everyone Else is Already Taken.” Oscar Wilde…

Customer Service:Workplace Traits for Exceptional Internal and External Customer Management

There’s been quite a shift in the recruitment industry recently…

Office Romance: The Right Way

We spend close to 40% of our time daily at the workplace…

Office Politics: The Truth

To most people, the phrase office politics is a taboo word associated…

How to Stand Out at the Workplace

Create a personal brand that helps you stand out in the workplace. People…

6 things to never say at work

Don’t tarnish your reputation by making whiny, haughty or untrue…

How to manage a difficult boss

You love everything about your job, well apart from your boss.…

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Am living my dream and its all because of Brighter Monday…I  am so proud of whoever came up with it,the team and everyone who contributes to its success..big up

Felix MumbaCurrent Role; Barman & BaristaRead my story

BrighterMonday Career Center and daily updates on social media give very good practical advice on the do’s and don’ts during career growth and search.

Sunshine ShisiaCurrent Role; Transport and Logistics Officer at Tuffsteel ltdRead my story

I was overwhelmed by the number of possible opportunities Brighter Monday presented, so I worked tirelessly on my C.V and cover letter before sending out any applications. I still can’t believe I got shortlisted from my cover letter only. An error occurred during application and my C.V failed to attach.

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