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write a professional CV

How To Write A Professional CV

There is no sure way to write a professional CV that captures all recruiters' attention. However, with the tough competition in the job market,...
stay relevant with an updated CV

How to Stay Relevant with an Updated CV

If you are happily employed or have been at your job for years, your CV is probably as updated as the last time you...
characteristics great cv

Characteristics of a Great CV to Help You Stand Out

Do you think your CV can stand out from a pile and catch the attention of a hiring manager? If the answer to that...
skills assessment

BrighterMonday Skills Assessment: Look Beyond The CV

A wrong hire will cost your company 3 times their annual salary. Most HR experts have experienced the “lion on the CV and cat...
employers look for

What Do Employers Look For In A CV At First Glance?

I have been in the recruitment industry for eight years now. That is 8 years of short listing and reviewing CVs to gauge whether...
should you pay someone to write your cv

Should You Pay a Professional to Write Your CV?

Would you pay a professional to write your CV for you? Some people argue that self-written CVs are more accurate since the owner understands their...
CV screening

CV Screening Tips For Faster Shortlisting

Sift Through the Applications Faster The process of going through all the CVs submitted for any advertised position can be taxing and frankly, most people...
CV writing

Simple CV Writing Tips to Get Your Resume Read

Recruiters Flip through your CV in 7 Seconds Recruitment managers can receive hundreds of CVs for every advertised post and discard most of the applications....

Ideal Sections Of A Professional CV

How To Write A CV Your CV is the potential employer’s first impression of you. The purpose of the CV is to introduce and showcase...

Simple CV Writing Tips to Get Your Resume Read

Why recruiters bin CVs You have been trying to get a job in vain. Worse still, nobody calls you for an interview even after making...