China’s AI News Anchor and Other Possible AI Takeovers

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Basing on the huge amount of data produced by companies and the few number of Data Entry job positions on our site, data entry clerks as a role is already on its way out. While big data remains a key resource for companies, the role of data entry clerks is likely to be overtaken by more analytical roles.

What to do: Get interested in data analytics and begin learning the different software available. This is because even if automation completely overtakes the role, human beings will still be needed to run the software and technology; interpret data and use it to make business decisions. You would want to be ready when that happens.


Further to Zhang Zhow mentioned above, bots are already being used to create sports reports and conduct investigative journalism. This points to the possible future of journalism. The recent mass layoffs in media houses in Kenya show the shift from analog to digital. The Managing Director of NMG, Joseph Muganda was quoted saying, “We are cognizant of the changing trends of how our products are being consumed. In line with this new reality, we are reorganising ourselves with the aim of transforming Nation Media Group into a 21st century company by embracing digital as the business model.” This means the media industry is likely to embrace most of new technology brings.

What to do: Be good at something a robot can’t do? While robots can take over news anchoring since it’s really laid back; there are other aspects that require creativity and human ingenuity like interactive shows, etc. If journalism is your passion, find your niche and be extremely good at it.


Self-driven cars have been quite the buzz for a while now, especially in the taxi industry. Taxi giants like Uber are already conceptualizing the idea of self-driven cabs. The same case applies for long-distance truck companies. While this may take a while to implement, it will come to pass.

Customer Service and Telemarketers

networking mistakes - neglecting face to face

Many companies are already using bots to handle customer inquiries. You might have come across Mr. Bright, BrighterMonday’s chat bot on Facebook as you make your inquiries on inbox. Chatbots are becoming increasingly familiar as many companies use them for the initial contact with clients by anticipating most of the common inquiries and feeding helpful feedback on the chatbot that is channelled to customers before being passed to human customer service agents. This obviously reduces the number of staff needed to man various inquiry channels and at the same time ensures that a company’s response rate is always acceptable. Bots are also used to push products to potential clients and therefore increase awareness and reach within a short time and little effort.

What to do: While online customer service is being invaded by AI, the physical aspect of customer service is still very viable. They still haven’t come up with a robot that can sit at receptions and show clients around. Also, most people still prefer ‘dealing with a human’ especially where their inquiry is very specific. At the same time, up skill and gain skills in other areas so that you maximize your value in your area.

Human Resource and Recruitment


This article would be incomplete if we failed to mention the impact of technology on hiring and human resource functions in the job industry. Here is a scenario where AI is being used in recruiting, even locally. You apply for a job, you get an email that you have been shortlisted and a link is attached for you to tackle the next step. You click on the link and you land on a page where questions are asked one after the other as you give your answer. You think to your self, “This person is so nice and so easy and they seem to be in a very good mood. I wish I can meet them.” Well you can’t meet them, because that’s a bot interviewing you. Your answers will be reviewed using already set criteria and the results tabulated. This will determine whether or not you proceed to the next stage, where you might meet a panel of human interviewers.

Recruiting companies that handle massive recruitment projects with hundreds of candidates applying also make use of bots and systems to filter viable candidates. This is why we keep insisting that you optimise your CV according to the job you are applying for.

How to Stay Ahead

Understand Your Industry and its Trends

Do you know the trends in your industry? Do you read the signs of time or are you one of those who are always caught off-guard? Strive to understand what is going on in your industry. Subscribe to sites that always keep you updated on the latest trends.

Up-skill or Re-skill When Necessary

Once you understand where your industry or particular role is headed, look for opportunities that you can explore and take the necessary training to be ready. If no opportunities appeal to you train for a different industry. Make your skill set fluid so that you are multifaceted and are able to thrive anywhere.

AI is not Such Big a Threat

A report states that AI will ultimately create 58 more million jobs than it will destroy. Remember the advent of technology when people were actually scared of technology and its threat to jobs? Look at us today, we have jobs we didn’t even imagine could exist 10 years ago. The past has taught us that technology comes with more advantages than disadvantages and we only have to be open and willing to adapt and thrive. Click To Tweet In short, embrace and thrive or resist and die.

Additionally, technology does not take over jobs, it usually takes over tasks. Meaning human beings will still be needed to run the machines and systems. All that is required is adapting to trends.

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Doreen Mueke
Doreen is the Senior Content Marketer at Ringier One Africa Media.