The Barclays Bank ReadytoWork Program For Graduates

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Barclays Bank ReadytoWork

Move from school to work seamlessly

Whether you are going into employment or entrepreneurship, shifting from school to work can be a challenge. There are lots of adjustments to make and you need the right skills to make the right move and settle down faster.

Every graduate’s  dream is to get a good job or start a successful business after school. However, navigating the corporate world can feel like a rollercoaster without the required skills. Well, that is where the Barclays Bank ReadytoWork program comes in. This innovative program endeavours to equip young graduates with entrepreneurship, work, money, and people skills to help them make the right choices on their career paths. The ReadytoWork program is free of charge and you can conveniently learn using your computer, phone or tablet. You will also get a certificate on completion of the course.

So, what will you learn from the program?

  1. Entrepreneurial skills

Entrepreneurship skills


If your dream is to become your own successful boss, then this program is the bridge you need to make it come true. The ReadytoWork program equips you with the skills you need to set up and grow your own business. You will learn what factors to take into consideration when choosing to get into entrepreneurship, how to conduct a thorough market research in your preferred field, and how to cover all the important areas as you set out to start and grow your own business.

With numerous opportunities available for those who want to get into self-employment, you only need to know how to make the right moves. The entrepreneurial skills gained will greatly help you make the move from the life of a student to the life of an entrepreneur smoothly and successfully. Sign up for the program now and get started into the world of entrepreneurship with the right skills and knowledge.

  1. Work skills

Work skills

Finding a job is a challenge for most graduates. With so many qualified candidates and few jobs available, finding the right job for you can take time and lots of resources. However, you can choose to be a cut above the rest with the Barclays Bank ReadytoWork program. In this course, you will be equipped with skills and tools you need to help you in your job search, tips on how to carry yourself during an interview, and the appropriate business meeting etiquette. Basically, starting out in the world of work does not have to be such a hustle, thanks to this course. If you are a graduate setting out on your job search or your first job, this course will help you bridge the gap between school and work like a boss.

  1. People skills

Interpersonal skills

You must have heard about soft skills by now, and how they can help you navigate the world of work. Having the right technical skills will get you the job but having the right people skills will help you keep it and grow. With the ReadytoWork program, you will learn how to work well with others, communicate effectively with your colleagues and clients, and most importantly, you will learn the right emotional intelligence skills to help you handle different situations at work effectively.

  1. Money skills

Managing your finances

Employed or self-employed, at the end of the day, money really matters and it is important to know how to put your finances in order. How you manage your money is what determines how successful you will be now and in the future, and there is no better place to learn about money than from a renowned financial institution like Barclays Bank. In this module, you will learn how to budget according to your income, learn how your spending plan helps you achieve your goals, and how using credit effectively can help you achieve success. When making the transition from school to work, you need to know how to work with whatever income you have, so enrol on the ReadytoWork program and learn how to manage your money well.

In this training, you can choose which module you want to learn, based on your preferences, from the above 4 skill areas. You will learn from acclaimed trainers and be awarded a certificate upon completion of the program.

Sign up here for the Barclays Bank ReadytoWork program and take on the next stage of your life skillfully.

Mueke Katwa
I have two years experience in Business Support which covers Human Resource as a function; and a lifelong passion in creative writing.


    • Hi Lillian,
      Thank you for your readership and support..,you will benefit a lot from this program and once you through feel free to share the results to us.


    • Hi Nicholas,

      Kindly click on the sign up part at the end of the article and get started.


    • Hi Betty,
      Simply click on the sign-up part at the bottom of the article and get started.

  1. Very passionate program for all the students and employees.
    I did the first and second modules on Work skills and Entrepreneurship,and successfully received both awards.
    They now guides me on the corparate decision making within the workplace.

    • Thanks for your testimonial and readership Jack.
      If you wish to further build your career then you can register.


    • brightermonday they are just giving false hope to kenyans youth who are jobless, ihv neva seen any1 who was employed through brightmonday why waste energy of dz innocent kenyans??

      • Hi Mohamed,
        Its important to acknowledge that we have testimonies from job seekers who have secured jobs via Brighter Monday. To increase your chances, you need to review your account and making sure you have updated your cv and profile and more importantly, apply jobs that matches your qualifications. If you do this you will have a different opinion about us. If you have any question feel free to get back to us.


  2. I am a student in finance and wants the advice on how to start business though don’t have capital

    • Hi Dalson,
      Thank you for visiting our career center.
      Its advisable to start college and choose a course that you are familiar with or have the passion for it and then once you get the needed qualification then venture into entry level jobs. Here, are the links that will direct you to jobs we advertise in both categories. For this particular program you will find it difficult to sign up because if you read the article they have specified graduates only are to register. However this should not disappoint, go back to school and if your short of money you can get a loan and start your business then save up for your education. All the best and if you need more advice feel free to get back to us.


  3. Hallo,do I qualify,I have a Certificate in Front Office Operations,Customer Relations and Sales and other trainings.

  4. I tried registering but I never got my OTP, so I didn’t finish registration, care to help?

    • Hi George,
      Just redo the process again and if it fails let us know also it would really help us, if you were more clear on what you meant by OTP


  5. Hi am Emmanuel am interested I would love to join since it has been a year since I completed my undergraduate degree in BCOM

    • Hi Ngaruiya,
      Just make sure that you have entered correctly the email/phone and password . To help us more, kindly tell us at which stage are you experiencing difficulty to proceed.


  6. Hi guys,

    I am not a potential program candidate, but have my organization uses a tool that can be of significant value to the program, one that prepares graduates for the working environment through self and people awareness. Together with combining financial management using behavior, we believe this would be a great add-on to your program.

    Can I email you details you have a look? If so, kindly share an email address.


    • Hi Andrew,
      Thank you for you proposals, however this may not be the best site to display your talent. You can reach them directly and send the proposals.


  7. Hello am interested. Have done my Diploma waiting for graduation and I am continuing with my degree. Can I join?

  8. there a job or a paid internship for me please .l completed my diploma in accounts equivalent to part 1of CPA. I have three months experience from finance department.

  9. studying bachelor of economics and statistics at The University of Nairobi,
    some of our details were taken on the same, how can i benefit from it, or its just for some educational value?,
    i mean some job opportunities at the Barclays bank of Kenya, apart from imparting business ideas on our minds?

    • Hi Kevin,
      We have latest jobs advertised on our website that which are closely related in your field of proffesion. Kindly click here and make sure that you update your CV and profile.


  10. Hi am karen Anya murkeu, studied diploma in education arts from moi university school of efucstion . how can i be part of u and how do i start?

    • Hi Mercy,
      If you are not from Kenyan nationality then maybe that could be the contributing factor however, we will follow up with it in the meanwhile, check out the latest jobs we have advertised here


  11. I am Vivian Atieno,a student undertaking bachelor of logistics and supply chain management in Jaramogi Oginga University of Science and Technology.I was selected by the C4D Lab team but I am having trouble logging in.Can you help because I am interested in the program.
    Thank you in advance.

    • HI Ochieng,
      Thank you for writing to us.
      Kindly tell us specifically which area you experiencing problems with your account so that we are able to assist you.


  12. Hi,
    I’m having trouble in creating an account with Ready To Work. Every time I try I’m being told that “something went wrong”. Would you mind helping me out.

    • Hi Mariam

      Please use the following instructions to create a Brighter Monday job seeker account:
      – using the the URL below: …… click on the sign up tab to create your job seeker account.
      -Once logged in to your account, update your profile by clicking on “My Career Profile” (a complete profile should have a 99% profile completeness percentage)
      – Ensure that you upload a fresh C.V on your profile by following the below process:
      . click on ‘Upload CV’ tab, browse and attach your CV, which will be automatically saved on our database. Make sure you attach your updated CV each time you apply for a job.
      – You can also create job alerts by clicking on the circled icon at the top right corner of the page. Select the ‘My job alerts’ option from the menu that appears on your screen.
      If you still have challenges in creating, respond to our customer service email customer service and we will gladly assist.

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