4 Benefits Of Induction Courses To New University Students

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The induction course is an introductory course you can take in the initial weeks of your admission to a university. This applies to both online and offline universities. Some students choose to forego the induction course. That’s why we have prepared this article focusing on the four reasons why you need to take this course seriously.

The Induction Course Introduces the University Culture

Students get to know and have a feel of the university culture during the induction period. Different universities have different cultures. The induction course allows you to get familiar with how the university operates. In addition, the induction course highlights the expectations of students during their tenure at the university. At the same time, you are introduced to learning services like the library, resources, group works and workshops.

It Helps You Acclimatise

During induction, you are welcomed taken through the important features of the university. This goes a long way in helping you settle in well. Most universities have set procedures to make this process effective. For instance, UNICAF has in place an interface that introduces students to other students and tutors, despite the geographical differences. This ensures support and collaboration across different countries for online students.

Induction Course Introduces Your Programme


The prospectus usually has a list your programme modules. However, that is barely enough to give you a clear picture of what to truly expect. The induction course takes you into details regarding to your course. You then become fully aware of the full outline of your course. This is very important if you want to have a smooth life during your university experience. Moreover, you will also be introduced to your tutors and who to go to in case you have enquiries about anything so grab the opportunity for you to socialise.

Lastly, you get an opportunity to make friends at your new university. As mentioned earlier, being in a new environment can be disconcerting and having a friend makes all the difference. You can talk to people and get to know them and maybe make a friend or two in the process. It can also assist you in landing study group buddies. So, ensure you attend the next session of your induction course.

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