3 Ways To Improve Your Rank On The Best 100 Employers List


Attracting top talent is every employer’s priority when looking to fill an existing position. The more talented people you have on board, the better the results posted by your company. One of the best ways to ensure that you are a top choice for the best talent around is to ensure that your current and previous employees rank you highly as this portrays a good image about you and makes your company attractive. The best way to ensure that you remain top of mind is to be ranked in best 100 surveys carried out by reputable firms. Such surveys are usually anonymous and they give HR practitioners insights on what employees think about them and what they can do to improve their ranking. Here are a few pointers on how to rank highly in such surveys.

  1. Conduct Regular Internal Surveys

To be a good employer, you need to know what your employees want and how you can help them achieve these goals. Do not wait for your employees to go and complain about your company externally. Instead, take a proactive approach by conducting internal surveys to find out what improvements would keep employees satisfied and as a result, keep them on board. For you to rank better in the best 100 survey, you must rank well internally as well so, carry out anonymous internal surveys occasionally. Such a proactive move ensures that your employees have a high opinion of the company.

  1. Take Action on Feedback

Once you have conducted an internal survey, take note of the views and opinions of the employees. This feedback is valuable as it shows just how you can improve the working environment for your employees and create room for them to thrive and for other talented people to come on board. Do not just collect views for the sake of it as this creates disinterest in your employees about offering feedback, which will in turn not help you grow.

  1. Actively Involve Your Employees In the Company’s Affairs

A common complaint by most people is that they don’t feel like they are part of the organisation. Disengagement is one of the leading causes of poor reviews and high employee turnovers everywhere. In order to rank better in the best 100 employers’ list, you need to ensure that your employees are actively involved in the day-to-day activities of the company otherwise they will feel like they are simply wheels in the cog, creating a lot of internal disgruntlement. Engaged employees are happy employees and they yield good results for the company. Additionally, they think highly of their jobs and the company at large.

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Njeri Karanja
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