Blaze Summit Nakuru

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The Blaze Summit at the famous NaxVegas was blazing!

Starting from the huge turn up of blazers, who arrived 2 hours before the official starting time, to the amazing insights offered in different pods, and the inspiring talent present from local blazers, the events of the day built up to an exciting crescendo.

As always, BrighterMonday was present and had the pleasure of enlightening blazers on the current job market, provide tips on how to navigate through its murky waters and how to emerge ahead of the competition to bag dream opportunities.

naks_in pic

At the BrighterMonday pod were the BM team going into depth on various career tips, as well as Letoya Mbuthia, a member of the Safaricom human resource team to advice on available positions at Safaricom and the procedure in recruitment. The Q & A sessions at the pod were eye-opening and mind blowing.

Other than the insightful lessons learnt at the pods, blazers had the opportunity of participating in an audition for a TV show scheduled to air soon.

See you at the next summit!

Find out at where Blaze will be blazing next and make a point of attending.

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