Boost Your Job Search in 2019 with BrighterMonday

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boost job search 2019

The dynamic shift from manual methods of job search to online methods has resulted in more convenience in the job market making job search and finding talent simpler for job seekers and employers.

Despite these technological leaps and improvements, competition for existing job opportunities is still cutthroat. Easy access to job posts means more people can access these jobs and send applications.  It also means that job seekers have to apply all conventional ways available to stand out and be noticed by hiring professionals. So, what best way to stand out than creating unique and relevant online professional presence?

You might be wondering; how  will an updated BrighterMonday profile  increase my chances of getting my dream job?

Here is why you should update your BrighterMonday profile today;

An updated BrighterMonday profile is your online CV

boost job search 2019

Most employers who receive online applications from job seekers are interested in getting a brief summary of a candidate’s qualifications and experience at a glance. This is what the BrighterMonday profile does for you. It captures your most important details gives a detailed summary of what you have to offer to a potential employers.

An updated BrighterMonday profile makes you more visible

When BrighterMonday’s over 21,000 employers, recruiting companies and headhunters are looking for specific skills in candidates, they search using such skills as keywords on the BrighterMonday website. If your profile is up-to-date, showcasing your skills and prowess, your chances of getting an interview and ultimately, a job, are higher.

A Complete BrighterMonday profile gets you recommendation to employers

The BrighterMonday website employer interface is customized in a such a way that it can recommend candidates who match the profile they are looking for once they post jobs. This means that if your profile is complete and up-to-date you will get recommended to recruiters and employers.

An updated BrighterMonday profile gives you more credibility as a professional

boost job search 2019

Constantly updating your profile helps you cement your sales pitch as a candidate. Not only does it give you a strong and credible presence online, it also helps you summarize your skills and achievements in a short elevator pitch that will always come in handy even when introducing yourself.

An updated BrighterMonday profile is your little online trophy cabinet

Every time you update your online professional profile, you become more attractive to employers and recruiters. The achievements and added skills you update show that you have gone a notch higher in your career and gained more experience, which can be used in your negotiation sessions during interviews.

When to update your BrighterMonday profile

BrighterMonday helps you record every milestone in your career, something that makes you an attractive candidate to potential employers.

Here are scenarios when you should update your profile and online CV

When you get that promotion

boost job search 2019

Update your online professional profile with your new title and a snippet of the scope of your role. This opens you to peer connections and prepares you to become more attractive to employers that may be looking for someone with your level of expertise in the future.

When you attain additional qualifications

You now have a degree, MBA? You have finally completed your CPA packages? You passed that online certification course? Update your BrighterMonday profile with the details. This will help you stand out, especially where employers desire the skills you possess.

When you get a new job

When you join a new company, it is important to update your BrighterMonday profile with the developments and give potential employers a snippet view into your work history. Online profiles are usually the “CV before the CV” and they make potential employers interested in checking out your resume.

Stay current, Be Visible

boost job search 2019

When you move to a new industry: Once you finally get the job of your dream and you switch industries, it is wise to update your profile in order to attract attention from employers and peers in the new industry and to avoid getting alerts and calls from the industry you are no longer interested in.
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Doreen Mueke
Doreen is the Senior Content Marketer at Ringier One Africa Media.