BrighterMonday in 2018: Milestones and Impact on the Job Market All Year Round

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brightermonday 2018 milestones

2018 has been a good year in the job market and for the BrighterMonday family-which includes you our audience and supporters. As we endeavour to bring jobs opportunities closer to job seekers and great talent closer to employers, our wins are definitely yours too.

Looking back through the year, everyday serving you has been an honour for us. However, there are moments that stood out and whose impact was exceptional on the job market. We have all these wonderful moments on the record below as 2018’s top highlights for BrighterMonday and the job market;

Best 100 Companies To Work for Survey and Report

brightermonday 2018 milestones

We not only link you to the opportunities in the market, we also identify and recognise employers who make a deliberate effort in making their offices and work environment employees like you can grow, thrive, as well be proud of.

These top employers were voted by current, former and prospective employees. Look out for a bigger and better survey in 2019.

Read the full 2018 report here.

BrighterMonday Blog Awards

brightermonday 2018

Our Career Center is a wealth of knowledge, tips and insights on the job market, your career and the workplace. It is like that career coach that has a gem to drop every week to enrich your job search efforts, help you thrive in the workplace or build your career. In 2018, with your continued immense support we got nominated and won two awards for Best Blog Categories by The Bloggers Association of Kenya (BAKE Awards) and The Digital Media Awards organised by Go Gaga Experiential Kenya during the Social Media Week 2018.

For this, we say Asante Sana to you, our audience.

Official Launch of The African Talent Company

BrighterMonday’s recruitment wing, the African Recruitment Company (TATC) launched this year. TATC deals in executive positions that require middle and high-level where they deliver a pool of qualified candidates to an employer in need of such talent. The talent is from the BrighterMonday database, as well as headhunting externally.

Professional CV Services

In our bid to make job search easier for job seekers, BrighterMonday understands the importance of a CV that stands out. We, therefore, created a product that helps job seekers refine their CVs to bring out the information that best represents their suitability for jobs in their industries, at a small fee. These CVs are refined by professionals with input from the job seekers to customise the CVs as much as possible and help the candidates put their best feet forward. We are happy to announce that we have heard nothing but amazing feedback from candidates who have subscribed to this service and we would like to help more people out there. Reach out to us for a professional CV that best represents you to employers.

Partnerships with Industry StakeHolders to Provide Better Services

Partnership with Google

BrighterMonday partnered with Google to make it easier for job seekers in Kenya to get jobs at a glance. With rising unemployment rates and high competition for few available job opportunities in the market, finding a job ad once it is posted and sending in applications fast is key. Google’s search engine allows job seekers to get all the details of available job positions at a glance.

Partnerships with Professional Bodies in Kenya

brightermonday 2018

We are all about building careers and contributing to the job market. For this to be seamless, BrighterMonday needs to be at the core of professional bodies and entities. This year, we partnered with The Marketing Society of Kenya and The Institute of Internal Auditors. These partnerships not only strengthen the networks in these professional bodies but created an opportunity for collaboration by bringing job opportunities closer to professionals in the bodies as well as training opportunities. We look forward to partnering with more professional bodies in 2019.

Partnership with SOS Employability Training for Graduates

For a long time, recent graduates have been accused of lacking employability skills and a sense of realism, especially on their expectations of the job market. Enter SOS and BrighterMonday and that is taken care of. In a 12-week training camp, graduates are imparted with practical skills in work-related areas like; Planning and organizational skills (including time and financial management), Personal leadership, Image and appearance, Personal responsibility (including dependability, integrity, and work ethics), Workplace behaviour and protocols, Cooperation and teamwork, Workplace rights and responsibilities, Customer relations and other critical skills. BrighterMonday then helps place these graduates into internship programs with the aim of full absorption, depending on performance.

Campus Tours: Training on Job Search and Employability

brightermonday 2018

Still, on recent graduates and job-ready skills, BrighterMonday has been doing rounds in campuses training soon-to-be graduates. This training covers topics like CV writing, attending interviews, how to fit into company culture and thrive through the first job to a successful career journey. We have been to campuses like The University of Nairobi, Strathmore University, Zetech University, Nazarene University, Chuka University, among others. We look forward to visiting more campuses in 2019.

For Employers and Recruiters

HR Forums in 2018

brightermonday 2018

Human resource professionals in Kenya understand the value of peer interactions and sharing insights on matters regarding the job market. This is why BrighterMonday Kenya has been at the forefront in providing quarterly HR Forums that bring together seasoned HR practitioners to network and discuss pertinent issues in the industry. This year has been exciting and insightful with themes centred around Rightsizing, Employee Engagement and  Rewarding Employees Right. The forums in 2019 are going to be even more insightful as we slowly revolutionise the narratives in the job market.

Employer Round Tables

Feedback is critical in service delivery and we are always eager to hear from you what your experience is like, your pain points and suggestions so that we continue to offer the best in the job market. We held our premier employer roundtable this year and we look forward to engaging you more in 2019.

2018 has Indeed Been Good

These are just some of what we consider impactful contributions in 2018, with your support as our audience. We hope to have a greater impact on your career, your hiring decisions, and the job market in 2019.

Enjoy your holidays!


Doreen Mueke
Doreen is the Senior Content Marketer at Ringier One Africa Media.