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BrighterMonday App

New year, new app, new job

Job seekers can now rejoice and apply for jobs as soon as they are available. BrighterMonday, your number one jobs website, has launched the BrighterMonday App, available for free on Google Play Store. This innovative app has interesting features to make the process of searching and applying for jobs smooth and fast for job seekers.

Notable features of the app include:

  • Anonymous use (allows you to search for jobs without logging in)
  • Search for and view jobs
  • Create alerts
  • Push notifications (get notifications as soon as jobs matching your preference are live)
  • Create, view and edit jobseeker profile
  • Apply for jobs

This app will make it easier and faster for you to find jobs as you will be able to search for available jobs on the go and apply for them. As the internet makes things move fast, the ability to find and apply for jobs as soon as they are announced gives you a better chance of being shortlisted, if you meet the criteria for the advertised position.

For every job advertised, recruiters receive hundreds of applications and your CV can easily drown in this sea of job requests. To improve your chances of being noticed, it is advisable to be amongst the first to apply for a job as soon as it is announced. With push notifications, you now have an advantage over other job seekers as you will know of a vacancy as soon as it is live. This will give you a chance to be amongst the first to apply for the position and be selected if you meet the criteria.

Speaking during the app’s launch, BrighterMonday Kenya’s CEO, Mr Emmanuel Mutuma said that this move was informed by the fact that 53% of BrighterMonday’s users are on mobile and with increased mobile penetration in Kenya, the number is set to rise. “We, therefore, saw a need to facilitate a fast and convenient way for our users to access our site, and that is why we have launched this app with features that will make it easy for job seekers to find and apply for available jobs” Mutuma added.

The BrighterMonday App will also allow you to create and edit your profile so that you can easily apply for suitable jobs as soon as they are live.

So, if one of your new year’s resolutions is to find a new job, then the BrighterMonday App just brought you closer to that dream.

Download this app now.


Mueke Katwa
I have two years experience in Business Support which covers Human Resource as a function; and a lifelong passion in creative writing.


    • Hi Dennis,
      Thank you for the feedback. Your suggestion is being considered. Meanwhile, download the BrighterMonday App on any Android device and start applying for available jobs today.


    • Hi Samwel,
      Thanks for your feedback and for using our app. Please expound on how the portal is hanging;
      Is it the phone freezing?
      Is it taking too long to upload the application?
      Which phone model are you using and the android version?
      Your response will be highly appreciated. Thanks.

    • Happy new year Beatrice.
      We would appreciate alot if you give us feedback on your first user experience regarding the new App.


  1. Thanks brightermonday team for the touchy knowledge during this moment I am in need of this lesson. Quite enlightened and has shown room for improvement. Keep it up.

    • You’re welcome George.
      We appreciate your feedback. Please let us know if there is a feature you liked or disliked, any feedback would highly be appreciated.


  2. A man is a success if he gets up in the morning and gets to bed at night, and in between he does what he wants to do.job well.big up brighter Monday team

    • Hi Yasinta,
      Thank you for writing to us.
      If you have seen the job being advertised through our website, then it means that you apply online. The email address is not relevant, just click the apply button and make sure that you update your CV before making your application. To flip on what s also important, whats your experience with our new app? We would really appreciate your feedback.


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