How To Build Winning Teams at Work

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Build winning team

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Think about your favourite football team. It doesn’t win because it has a great striker. Neither does it win because it has the best defender or spent the largest amount of money during the last transfer window. It wins because all 11 players bring something to the pitch, which makes it a formidable force, propelling it to the top of the table. This same concept applies to the workplace. As a team leader, you will not achieve anything if you have the most talented people on board but no team work. The whole point of teamwork is to complement each other in terms of skills. Even the most talented person lacks something and will not achieve anything if he or she is not complemented in whatever he or she lacks.

As a leader, it is your duty to build the right team to take your company to the next level. Here is how great leaders build winning teams.

  1. A winning team should be a connected team

Stay connected

Team members are members of a family in the workplace. In order for your team to work cohesively, it needs to be connected. Encourage open and regular communication, sharing of information, and giving of feedback to keep team members connected to each other. A connected team is able to work together and navigate storms successfully as everyone pulls their weight behind a common task.

  1. Commit to a common goal

Common goal

A team can only be really productive if there is a common overall goal, then everyone contributes their own skills and expertise. While at it, set minimal milestones, which help the team work progressively towards the greater goal. Moreover, communicate clearly on the common goals to ensure that everyone is on board and understands how they contribute to the common goal.

Additionally, it is important to demonstrate to employees how their contributions are important and how they stand to gain. For example, the launch of a new product could be a source of more revenue and the team stands to get a bigger bonus due to their input.

      3. Tap into everyone’s strengths

Of course, you have the right people on board; people with the right talent and skills. But even so, everyone has their unique strengths, which set them apart from the rest. When planning as a team, assign tasks based on people’s strengths to encourage productivity. People work best when they do what comes naturally to them.

      4.  Plan as a team

Team planning

People will hardly commit to a goal if they do not feel like they are part of it. Once you have established the common goal, it is important to come together as a team and plan on how to break it down into tasks, and what each team member’s input will be. Moreover, have the team members contribute their ideas on how to achieve the set targets. This fosters ownership of tasks and ideas, which then makes it easy for everyone to put in the work to ensure that the team hits its targets. Great teams have dialogues not monologues.

        5.  Encourage equal contribution

Equal contribution

Of course, when some people feel or indeed contribute more to the team than others, they will feel overburdened and will most likely resent the team, unless they are also being paid more. Ideally, everyone brings something to the table so ensure that everyone’s task is contributing their fair share of the pie to the whole. Don’t place the burden on one person’s shoulder and expect them to still be great team players like those who are contributing less.

        6. Assess performance and achievements regularly

Apart from setting the right goals and planning together, regularly assess performance to ensure that everything is on track. This is also your chance to find mistakes, learn from them, reassess goals and adjust them realistically. If there are any arising problems, ensure that they are handled on time so that they do not derail the team. Hold each member accountable and ensure that the entire team is driving ahead together.

Building winning teams is not easy. It takes a lot of courage and an ability to constantly change as the demands of the team change. However, the rewards are immense as you will have a team that works collaboratively towards a common goal and one which achieves its milestones on a regular basis and with few strains.

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