Accounting jobs in Kenya: How to prepare as you look for Accounting jobs in Kenya

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Accounting jobs in Kenya are among the most sought-after job categories.  This could be due to the value that the accounting professionals bring to an organization and the fact that accounting is an indispensable function in any company. Despite this fact, competition for accounting jobs in Kenya is fierce.   In a single day on average, Brighter Monday has over 100 new accounting job listings with some getting over 200 applications. So how do you stand out when looking for accounting jobs in Kenya to ensure that you land a good job?

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Some of the questions to expect in accounting interviews


  1. Why did you chose accounting?
  • Mention your love for numbers (Your academic reports should concur with this)
  • Mention your desire to help organizations keep good financial records, cut costs, develop workable financial strategies that will support the business and forecast trends for proper planning.
  1. Tell me about the most challenging task you have handled as an accountant.
  • This questions tests your experience and problem solving capabilities
  • If you are a fresh graduate looking for accounting jobs in Kenya, talk about your most challenging task during your internship and say how you faced this challenge.
  • If you have some level of experience, talk about your most challenging task. This challenge should be accounting-oriented.
  1. Why did you apply to this company?
  • Talk about the company. Prior research about your potential employer’s company will come in handy at this point. Talk about how your skills and experience will help solve their current headaches. You can learn about their problems from company reviews and public company feedback.
  • Show your enthusiasm about joining their company.
  1. How do you ensure least chances of mistakes in your work?
  • Your interviewer wants to know if you understand the sensitive nature of the position and the value attached to accuracy in accounting.
  • Talk about your cautious nature when creating reports and general accounting transaction and your need to confirm and double check calculations.
  • Also show your efforts in consultations where you’re not sure to ensure 100% accuracy and good practice in your tasks.
  1. Which accounting standards is most recent? Are you familiar with any?

This is to test if your accounting practice is best industry practice and if you are updated on current trends. Ensure that you have knowledge on some current standards and softwares, even if you haven’t interacted with them yet. It makes you look like a professional. Honesty is the best policy here as you might be asked to show proficiency.

  1. Have you used any accounting software before?

As question 5.

  1. Behavioral questions which you can read about here

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Skills you must possess;

  • Computer skills – Most accounting processes are on the computer
  • Mathematical proficiency – You must have your way with numbers
  • Detail-oriented- Accuracy is critical
  • Must be patient – To see projects through successfully
  • Responsible and accountable – can be counted on to see a task through

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Accounting concepts you must be familiar with;

  • accounting practices and principles
  • Financial data reporting and analysis
  • Management accounts
  • Auditing practices and principles
  • Budgets
  • Accounting softwares
  • Taxes and existing regulations
  • Relevant accounting laws
  • Accounting standards


Finally, you have a better chance at nailing accounting jobs in Kenya if;

  • You have completed your CPAs
  • You have practical knowledge of at least one accounting software
  • Your high school and primary school grades in math are above average
  • You are a member of a professional accounting body

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