Career Change Mistakes To Avoid

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Career change

Being stuck in your career could be a depressing thing.You keep thinking of a way out but you are also not really sure how to do it. Changing your career may be the best decision you ever made, but it could also be the worst.You, therefore, have to do your research and prepare yourself so that you can make the right steps.

Here are a few tips to help you.

  1. Not Having a Financial Plan to Support Your Transition

Financial planning

A change in your career could mean a change in your pay, unlike when you are just changing jobs. You could end up in a job that doesn’t pay as much as your last one. You, therefore, need to be financially prepared for the change.

During the transition, you might need to rework your budget and cut down on some expenses To make the transition smooth, start making these adjustments before the transition so that you can adopt while things are still a bit smooth.

      2. Confusing Job Change with Career Change

career change and job change

It is very easy to confuse this two. Ask yourself whether it’s your job that you would want to change, or your entire career, just to be clear on your next move. This will help you ensure that don’t you end up in a career that you don’t even like just because you dislike your job.If you’re not sure, ask yourself whether there is some other work in your field that you would enjoy doing as opposed to what you currently do.

You could just be tired of what you are doing, especially if you have been doing the same thing for a long time. Maybe all you need is a new challenge instead of a completely new career. It could also be that you dislike your boss.

In this case, it is best to find something else within your department to do. Be open to taking up new projects. If this still doesn’t work and you still feel like your talents and skills could be put to better use, then you can go ahead and make the career change.

      3.  Not Finding the Right Place to Start from

Where to start when changing careers

After deciding that you actually want to change your career, find a place that is a good fit for you. A place that will let you learn and grow since this is something completely different from what you’re used to. This could mean that you have to start small. Consider working for a start-up as opposed to a huge company, as start-ups give you more room to learn new things and grow.

       4.  Reasons for the Change

Reasons for changing careers

Certain careers could be very enticing. They could have a lot of benefits that you currently don’t have. Don’t change your career all because of the money.  You could end up making more money and still not be comfortable or well suited for what you do and are constantly thinking of ways out. It is also very important to not let outside forces influence your career choice.This could be your friends, parents or significant other. They don’t have to live that career every day; you do.

       6.  Do You Have the Right Skills for this Change?

Skills when changing a job

A career change might require you to go back to school, work at an entry-level position to gain experience or learn the ropes of running your dream business. You could find ways to bridge the skills acquired in your old career to the new one. It is also necessary to gain additional training and skills before you can find a good job in a new field. Remember, as much as you have some work experience and transferable skills, every career has some unique skills needed. Find out whether you need new educational certifications and just how long this is going to take you.Try to find time to volunteer or intern in your new field.

        7.   Making a Rash Decision

Making decisions about changing careers

Before making this change, figure out the reasons why you want to leave. Take your time and do your research. Be honest with yourself, a career change is a lot to deal with, you will have to live with this decision, so again, take your time.

Take your time to and asses all the option, this could a good move for you if done for the right reasons and at the right time.


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