5 Internet Tools To Reinvent Your Career

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Internet tools to reinvent your career

Online Tools to Help You Get Ahead

Feeling stuck in your career? Well, that can be the case, especially if you have been pursuing the same career for many years, with little change on an occasional basis. A good option would be to reinvent your career, so that you can overcome the monotony that makes you feel stuck and get a new gush of energy. Bear in mind that there is no perfect age to reinvent your career. You can do it at any point in your life, as long as you feel that there is need for change.

Reinventing your career could mean taking up a job in a new field, or changing industries, just to take on new challenges. Most people do not like doing the same thing over and over and this lack of challenges gets them stuck and they lack motivation. That said, here are 3 important steps to help you reinvent your  career.

Define Your Brand

Personal branding

Your brand is who you are and what skills and qualifications you possess. Over time, you have gained a certain set of skills and experiences, which have improved your capabilities. So, be clear on exactly what you possess and how this can help you in your next move. Even if you are moving to a different field, there are those transferable skills which can help you have a soft landing.

Be Clear on What Change You Desire

Defining change

Is it the job itself or only certain aspects of it? Is it the company you work for or is it your boss? Sometimes, you feel tuck due to certain aspects of your job and not your entire job. Therefore when making a personal evaluation, be clear on what kind of change is necessary. Sometimes, changing jobs will be enough to give you a new challenge and set the stage for a new and exciting opportunity.

Make a Strategy

Personal strategy

Once you know your brand and what aspects of your career need change, create a personal strategy to help you reinvent your career. A good strategy should be aligned to specific goals and have a timeline. It will also keep you grounded and you can be able to evaluate yourself against your goals over time.

That said, there are many resources at your disposal that can help you reinvent your career. Thanks to technology, you can now use internet tools to reinvent your career faster and with little hustle. Here are tools you can use:

  1. Webinars

Webinar learning

Hands up if you grew up hearing people talking about seminars and training workshops. Most of us have heard about these meetups where people go to learn for a couple of days. It could be in the office or out of town. For example, our very own MPs are notorious for holding seminars and workshops in high end hotels in coast. However, with the availability of the internet, and seeing as you may not afford to attend such seminars, you can now learn from the comfort of your home, thanks to webinars.

Webinars are basically seminars, workshops, presentations, or lectures conducted online. So, if reinventing your career will need you to learn a new skill, you can simply enroll for a webinar that suits what you want to learn and you get to learn live. The best part is, live webinars allow you to interact with trainers and fellow classmates. Additionally, you can save these videos and watch them later. So, if you want to shake up things a little in your career but have not time to attend classes, then webinars would be very helpful for you.

  1. YouTube Tutorials

YouTube tutorials

Another video-based tool to help you quickly learn a new skill and put it to use. With information becoming liberalised, learning is now as easy as logging into a YouTube tutorial channel and gaining a new skill. YouTube tutorials are often very detailed and practical, which makes them ideal for you if you want to learn a modern skill which you can easily apply as you reinvent your career. The best part is, YouTube tutors do not charge you anything so you gain knowledge for free and you can use this knowledge to make a difference in your career.

  1. Skillshare


A subscription-based learning channel, Skillshare is another online platform that has a community of learners and tutors who use videos to train. The platform has placed tutorials into categories and allows anyone with useful information to publish their tutorials on the site, as long as they adhere by the set publishing standards. The platform offers many lessons for free but it also has subscription services to allow you gain access to an even larger library. So, if you need to sharpen your skills so that you can reinvent your career, you might find this internet tool quite useful.

  1. Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg

While videos are all the rage with everyone pulling out shocking statistics about their growing popularity, not everyone likes watching videos. Well, if you prefer good old text, then you can make use of the wide collection of books and other reading materials available on Project Gutenberg’s online collection. The materials are also available in different languages, which makes it a truly resourceful platform for any learner. The site even has an open syllabus project which shows you which course materials are in use in different colleges so that you can design your own course and use appropriate reading materials.

  1. Shaw Academy

Shaw Academy

One way of reinventing your career fast is by gaining industry-specific skills which are relevant and current. These are skills you can quickly apply at work and excel in your new venture. Shaw Academy is an online platform which brings you relevant professional development courses which you can learn at the place and time of your convenience and the best part is that you are awarded with a certificate on completion. The courses are practical and engaging, which makes them appropriate for those who prefer practical learning.

While reinventing your career may not be easy, using internet tools to upgrade your skills can be helpful as you get to learn at a place and time of your convenience. This way, you can gain appropriate skills and quickly apply them. The lessons are often practical and effective, making them a good alternative to classroom learning. Don’t get stuck in a job that you do not like or a dead-end career because you do not have the right skills.

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