Should you have a Plan B in your Career?

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In the current economy many companies opt to downsize so that they are able to maintain costs. We all expect the best after college. Hoping for a permanent and sustainable job. One that is able to clear the bill and at the same time give us some financial security. The truth of the matter is financial security takes a long time to achieve. It takes years and years. So how should you approach the subject of job security?

While the issue of job security means different things to different people, the common objective at the end of it all is to ensure that there is a steady supply of income to support our lifestyles. Different factors in the job market may advise engagement in a side hustle to help supplement a monthly salary and at the same time help achieve financial freedom faster. Some of these factors are listed below;

Mergers and Acquisitions

When companies get acquired or merge with others, redundant positions are likely to occur and this might lead to layoffs. The bad news is that it is not easy to tell which company will get acquired or be part of a merger. The unpredictability of this situation calls for one to have a plan B for his or her career.

Economic Situations

When a recession hits the market, it leaves layoffs and early retirements in its wake, as companies struggle to survive through the tough economic situation. To avoid being caught flat-footed, it is advisable to always have a plan B that you can always fall back on to, in such a scenario.

Unforeseen Situations

Sometimes life happens and you find yourself in a situation where you are caught between quitting your job and facing financial uncertainty or staying and hating what you do daily. For instance, when your boss puts you in an untenable position, or you feel the working conditions no longer favor you. Leaving employment with no clear direction would not be advisable at the time. This is when a plan B comes in handy.

The advantage of a Plan B

It’s important to always be on your toes. Don’t get too comfortable. The problem with most people is that when they get a job, whether high paying or otherwise, they become so comfortable that they only wait for a monthly paycheck. Other than that the rest of their time is spent resting. A plan B can be something you do on the side that generates extra income, without interfering with your main engagement. It can also be the connections you make and maintain in the industry that could come in handy when you need assistance. Below are advantages of having a plan B and working on it;


If you decide to pursue a side hustle in your areas of interest, you might discover talents and skills you never knew you had. You might even realize that you enjoy doing the activity more and you find ways of monetizing the idea. The best plan Bs are those that you can easily slip into and excel in. It is important to maintain close connections with individuals in the industry so that the process of transition is easy when the time comes.

You Learn

The best place to learn how to run a successful business is while you are still employed. If entrepreneurship is your plan B, you need to start early to give room for growth and learning. You learn the principles of running a functional business, leadership skills, dealing with suppliers and customers, customer relationship management, among others. These skills can be easily transferred to your business as you continue learning and growing.

It can be Your Cushion in Tough Times

Companies usually make decisions based on what they want to achieve. If the company does not have enough revenue like it anticipated, then it may have to reduce salaries or subject employees to a pay cut . Your side hustle will give you some comfort. You don’t have to worry about being laid off or downsizing because you have a fallback plan.

You Minimize your Limits

With a plan B, you create a wide range of opportunities for your career. This ensures that you will never be stuck in a difficult situation, or stranded when a rug is pulled from under your feet. When you decide to branch into entrepreneurship or follow a particular passion during your personal time, you get to have the best of both worlds and broaden your options.



Roselinda Awinda


  1. I have been thinking of plan B because of my little income.thanku brighter monday for you’ve communicated it at the right time.

  2. ama in kiambu and would like to work within the county. are there such openings? office admin, front office, clerical positions

    • Hi Jp,
      Thank you for writing to us.
      We do understand your frustration however,the list below can shed some light on the possible reasons that might have led to your current predicament;
      Do you send applications to job adverts that match your skills?
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      The number of job seekers has gone higher since last year, making the talent pool larger and you have to ensure your CV stands out from the rest.
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  3. I usually get many jobs through brightermonday but after applying i dont get any feedback is this thing made from river road or it’s genuine. Be serious in what you post.

    • Hi Alfred,

      BrighterMonday is not an employer but a platform that allows job seekers to view the opportunities available and to send their applications to the employers. Getting feedback from employers who advertise with us depends on how qualified you are for the job, how you compare with other job seekers applying for the same job, whether or not your CV is optimized and if it stands out from the crowd, whether your profile is updated on BrighterMonday, among other factors.

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  4. insightful piece, action to have plan B early in place important rather than rushing when things fall apart

  5. Hello, I have noticed that you don’t have the icon for natural resources jobs in your job search interface. Could you please add it?

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  6. does anyone get employed really on this site!? all I’ve ever seen is ‘your application has been received’ and no feed back at all…come to think about it….I’ve had enough of email updates on jobs from ‘darkmonday’

    p.s total disgrace

    • Hi Robert,
      We do understand your frustration but its important to know that we have received quit a number of testimonies from job seeker who have secured jobs through Brighter Monday platform.
      You just need to make some amendments on your account that is, ensuring your profile is complete, updating your cv and cover letter also more important is applying the right jobs because it doesn’t matter how many times you apply, if it doesn’t match your Cv or what you are qualified for then definatley it will lead you to your current predicament.
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  7. Hi, I’m very grateful for your advice and for making me understand the reason as to why companies may opt to down size employees… I happen to be in the cut and thought that I wasn’t delivering enough.

    • Hi Judy,

      We are glad to have helped bring clarity.
      No matter what happens, keep the positive attitude and continue giving your best whenever you find yourself.

      We wish you all the best.


  8. This is one of the best if not the best advice I have gotten in recent times especially on the advantages of a plan b. This is a page I must bookmark for future reference.

    • Hi Ben,
      Book mark it, share it and let it enlighten others.
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  9. thanks alot brightermonday.i have a problem though,i have been applying for jobs through this site for more than a year and i have gotten feedback or even an it that my resume is bad or my applications never go through?

    • Hi Joseph,
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      If the resume is the root cause, you can read through a template that will guide on how to draft a good cv/cover letter.
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  10. This is great! The piece of Advice came through right when i needed it.
    Thanks alot for this wonderful piece.

    • Hi Jesphita
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  11. Thanks so much for the advice. My former boss never saw any good in me and passed all the blunders to me. I was in my comfort zone up to the time i felt enough is enough and had to quit. I wish a plan B then and I had to quit. I’m back to school and looking another job. The hustle has been real.

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  12. Thank you for the informative presentation will always keep this in mind as I scale the heights of success!

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  13. Thank you people for your advice. I love you people though i have never received any job posting from you that matches my qualifications.All i always get are those beyond my reach.

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      We understand your frustration however we do believe that there is a job that matches your qualifications.
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  14. Thank you for the advise. I however note typo errors on the article which disrupted my reading.

    “Your our hustle will give you some comfort.”
    “…you get too have the best of both worlds and broaden your options.”

    • Hi Tabitha,
      Thank you for identifying our mistake, we will to be more keen in the upcoming articles however, the advice in the article still stands.


  15. Thanx a lot for the advice coz sometimes back i had to quit ma job due to job conditions that didnt allow to work in tthem. Am now out there hustling again coz i didnt have plan B.. point taken..

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  16. Thank you so much for the advice in regards to Plan B…Kindly am currently looking for a job and am very much frustrated..Help me out.

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  17. Thank you for plan B information it is a lifetime security! Bravo! you are resourceful people.

  18. Thanks for the info. kindly advise us on performance appraisal, especially when employees do varying jobs.

    • Our aim of writing these articles is to ensure that our jobseekers are well equipped when such problems arises..unexpectedly.


    • Hi Rajula,
      It depends on how well you have executed your plan B. If you are fully into it, with no second thoughts and giving your all then you cant go wrong. Though we cant dispute the fact that it can fail, but if it does, just look back and see where you went wrong and ensure you strategies and plan are well the next time.


  19. Thanks for your e-mail. Last week you had published an article about online jobs in customer sevice. Something which one can do on the side. However the jobs which were sent weren’t online ones.

    Kindly advice on this issue.

    Warm regards

  20. Plan b is the fuel in the engine,with it you hold your future financial obligations intact.thanks for that eye opener facts.

    • Thank you for reading Donald.
      We know this information has helped you and you can expect more of this just keep it here.


  21. I am impressed and I want to start immediately, I love Brighter Monday coz you train us towards stable ecomic realization.

    • Hi Kevin,
      This is wonderful news which means a lot to us.
      We wish you all the best in your career.


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