Christmas Office Party: Mistakes to Avoid

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christmas office party

It is well known that too much of anything does not amount to anything good in the end. Celebrations and parties are not an exception. In fact, engaging in too much celebration at office parties can lead to a lack of etiquette and participating in activities that would have to be remembered after the parties and time to come.

Drinking Excessively

Like mentioned earlier engaging in anything excessively is not a good idea. In this case, drinking excessively will not paint a good picture of yourself at all. This is one of the main mistakes that employees and managers make during office parties. Some organizations do not limit the number of drinks one may take during the event while others do. Either way, one should be responsible for how much drinks they take during the party. For instance, try to limit drinking alcohol to two drinks only. Avoid mixing different drinks it makes your stomach uneasy and you may end up throwing up, which is quite embarrassing to say the least. 

Complaining Endlessly

christmas office party

After arriving to the party, you talk to your colleagues and decide to talk to the vice president of your department concerning a raise or maybe a promotion.  You sip a drink and get too excited until you start talking about how arriving at work at 8 in the morning is a problem for you. While he or she might say that they would arrange for an interview for you early the next year but don’t be surprised if it never happens.

When engaging in such conversations be brief and straight to the point. Also remember that this is a party, a time to have fun and enjoy yourself. Do not focus on business too much. Reminisce about the successes you have achieved as a company with your fellow colleagues and bosses that whole year.  

Absence During the Party

Company annual parties are normally compulsory for everyone working in the company. Failing to attend or arriving minutes late into the program is not a good idea. There is the understandable 5 or 10 minutes late due to traffic but being one hour late, unless there was an emergency, that will never look good anytime. The worst part is that people are always keen and watching. They know who always arrives late and who ducks 10 minutes after arriving then reappears again when the party is ending

Overdressing or Under-dressing for the Occasion

Christmas office party

When a company party has been planned, more often than not there is a dress code chosen for the event. For some reason, certain people may decide it is that time of the year when they would like to show their colleagues those insanely gorgeous attires, they just imported or their spouses gave them as gifts instead of sticking to the chosen dress code.

Please adhere to the chosen dress code, if not for anything else, just to show that you are a team player in your organization. Furthermore, it is an office party, not a family event, it would not hurt a thing to be a team player.

Coming with Uninvited Guests

Your company had decided that in this year’s party people were not to invite personal friends. In a way, your spouse is well known by people in the company. A few People in your workplace convince you that it would be nice if she was to tag along with you. You decide to bring him or her with you.

During some office events guests are allowed and during others, there is a strict no guests policy. This is because of many reasons. One of which is the fact that office parties and events come along with expenses. Some organizations may cater for guests’ others don’t.  If you bring a guest and it turns out that the company had decided that you do should not bring guests you could be messing with company budget,  expenses if not something else because such events are normally carefully and well planned and if it was a no guest party, there must have been a reason.

Have a Merry Office Party this Christmas

While the list of mistakes you could possibly make in an office party is not exhaustive, just use your common sense, remain professional and do everything in moderation. Like we said above, things start going wrong when an excess is introduced to the equation.

Enjoy your holidays!



Doreen Mueke
Doreen is the Senior Content Marketer at Ringier One Africa Media.