Embarrassing Interview Stories.

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A job interview can make you so nervous, it can also be a strenuous process.Even after preparing for  an interview you might still feel some sense of uncertainty. We talked to some of our staff members about their experiences in job interviews. Here are some of the embarrassing moments they shared.

1.Your favorite genre of music.

I’m a creative so my interviews are usually different but this was just too different. I walked into a room and the first thing the interviewer asked me was my favorite genre of music. That caught me off guard, I didn’t know what to say. It took me a minute to collect myself, I told him jazz just to look cultured. He looked at me and smiled and I knew he knew I was lying.


  1. Wrong look.

I once went to an interview with braided hair, from the minute I walked in I could tell I was about to go through an intense experience. Everybody in the panel just stared at my hair and then one of them said, you know what kind of a job this is right? I didn’t know how to answer, I had been to interviews in Kenya before and most the employers don’t mind braids. I was so confused, turns out it was a new company and they had some reservations about hairstyles.


  1. Awkward moment.

The lady who interviewed me was so pregnant and she said she was due on December 25th, I got excited and said “Oh Christmas baby,” she looked at me and said ‘I’m not even a Christian.’ It was so embarrassing but I got the job.


  1. Lipstick 101

You know when you feel like you really have everything under control, you are answering all your  questions right, the interviewers seem to like you and you are all relaxed. The entire panel was smiling the whole time, as soon as the interview was done I matched into the elevator that had a mirror along the back wall. I noticed a huge glob of lipstick on my teeth. I then knew why the panel was so entertained.


  1. Ouch!

I walked into an office very ready for an interview, the receptionist was really nice and offered to walk me in. As we walked into the huge open space office, my heel just broke. Everybody stopped what they were doing at stared at me for a cool 2 minutes, it was so embarrassing.

Do you have any embarrassing stories, share with us in the comment section.

Sarah Wangari