7 Skills Aspiring Entrepreneurs Should Learn

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Skills for aspiring entrepreneurs

Important Skills for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Getting educated in the field of entrepreneurship is a great way to give yourself a head start in this ever-evolving industry. A career in the fast-paced world of business tends to be a great endeavor to undertake, so you should always be prepared for what it has to offer.

If your dream is to become a successful entrepreneur, such as Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg, you might want to consider acquiring some, or even better all of the skills listed below.

Learn to Code

Coding for aspiring entrepreneurs

Knowing how to develop ideas into a website, application or algorithm is a very important trait in today’s world. Many successful entrepreneurs are former developers and programmers themselves.

Programming is not only about knowing HTML, Java or Swift, it’s a way of thinking that allows developers to see things outside of the box and make quick and credible fixes to occurring problems. Even Steve Jobs once said that the future holds no place for those that don’t know how to code.

The Importance of Management

Management for aspiring entrepreneurs

Management is a very wide term, but come to think of it, management is nothing else than controlling processes and people in the most efficient way possible. This means you should know your business’ strengths and limits inside out and how to use the resources available to grow your company. Management is what makes CEOs great leaders and gives investors a reason to believe in them.

Management can be divided into several branches – finance, HR, operations, IT, marketing, strategic management, and a few more – so if one of those isn’t quite the fit for you, consider mastering skills in one of the other branches to increase your knowledge and ease future management problems.

Entrepreneurial Accounting

Accounting skills for entrepreneurs

Acquiring some level of knowledge in the accounting field can prove to be very useful for young business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs. Knowing the basics of accounting will help you understand where the money is going, what to do during tax season and how to handle your cash flow.

Learning accounting skills goes hand-in-hand with learning how to use the software and apps that make any accountant’s life easier. If you’re not already familiar with MS Excel or Primavera, consider adding these to your courses- wish-list.

Learn a New Language

Skills for aspiring entrepreneurs

It is well known that some of the most successful people in the world speak more than six or seven languages. Mark Zuckerberg learned Mandarin not only because of his wife’s heritage but also because China is one of today’s top emerging economies.

One language that has become an absolute must-know is the English language, which is spoken and understood in over 100 countries. Knowing a foreign language can be a very useful plus when talking to foreign clients, as well as additional knowledge of their history and culture.

Make a Big Deal

Entrepreneurship skills

The art of negotiation is what makes sales one of the most attractive skills to have if you want to become a successful entrepreneur. Knowing how to make a deal, how to balance the scales of a bargain between two sides is what makes great entrepreneurs achieve the highest goals. Having strong sales skills can take you a long way, just look at Alan Greenspan – according to him, everything is about making deals.

Get People to Love your New Business

Marketing your business

Making people know about and love your new business are the toughest challenges you’ll face as an entrepreneur.

Marketing is about so much more than just advertising and commercials. With search engines, social media, blogs, and mobile taking over people’s lives, you should aim to improve your skills not only in traditional Marketing techniques but, most of all, you should master the most effective digital marketing strategies.

Gather the Best Team

Creating a winning team

Behind every great business, you will always find a great team. But, as in everything related to your business, hiring employees who are talented and share your company’s values might require some extra dedication from you.

By improving your human resources skills, you will be investing in a more efficient hiring process, you will know exactly how to welcome and, most importantly, how to retain the talent that pushes your business forward.

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  1. This sounds a great deal to my entrepreneurial ambitions. however, i would like to know how to tame my spending culture, i am too extravagant yet i would love to save and develop my business empire.

    • Thanks for reading Okello.
      With regards to a saving plan, just be disciplined from your end by making sure that you have a saving plan. This article you have read has all the tips you need so kindly read it thoroughly.


    • Do you have business plan? A business plan not only helps you to put your business concept on paper but also helps you manage your operations and finances. Just as you set personal goals, you’ll also set goals for your business. These goal setting comes with financial implications. There is a common challenge with business owners more so if you are fully involved in the day to day operations. You will tend not to easily detach your personal money and business money. These need to be distinct. For planning and strategies you may reach me at: paul@homemade.co.ke

      • Mr. Okello Rogers:You are not alone on matters of impulse expenditure, there is quite a multitude of them out there. Entrepreneur s for your information are naturally mean in every situation because they see every expenditure as a loss.It is also because they remember the pain they go through to make money.
        I guess this money you freely spend must be from your salary and not business.
        Now entrepreneur s start a business however small it is but do not day dream of a business empire.
        Remember very educated people are employees while school drop out s are entrepreneurs.
        To kill your habit, start a small business and have a stand by notebook to write down anything customers ask and you don’t have so that any time you make sales or receive salary,you have a list of things to be purchased. This way,you will grow your business and have no money hanging around you to be spend on friends,treats or outings.Again spend more time monitoring and supporting your business than in social places.

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  2. Really amazing tips. I recently started a small business. It’s doing well given it’s the first month but I am getting cold feet and scared which I don’t want to put life into. Any advice ?

    • Hi Wanjiku,
      Its understandable to have uncertainty the first time, but preparation is very important first. You need to explore every detail of the business you are pursuing, seek the advice of numerous business people because in your pursuit of profit, your aim is to minimize, reduce or eliminate risk. We hope we have answered your question and if you need further advice, feel free to get back to us.


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  3. Thank you very much guys for sharing this. It is a reminder that to be a really successful entrepreneur, you need tremendous knowledge. This article actually affirms what Warren Buffett once said, “The more you learn, the more you earn.” And it further echoes the words of Henry Ford, that, “If money is your hope for independence you will never have it. The only real security that a man will have in this world is a reserve of knowledge, experience, and ability.”


    • Thanks Stephen.
      This clearly indicates you are one person who likes to read books. We would also encourage you to keep reading our articles for more tips and career advice.


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