Executive Level Resume: Important Sections

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Executive level resume

What Matters in a Management-Level CV?

An executive level resume should essentially show off your leadership, and management skills, as well as your ability to effect change, where necessary. It is a summary of the impact you have had in all the positions that you have held so far. This means that your skills and accomplishments are the most important aspects of your CV. The idea is to demonstrate your leadership qualities and an ability to bring change in whatever position you hold.

Therefore, when you are writing your CV, organise it in such a way that your accomplishments and your skills take the most prominent position. At this level, your education does not contribute much to your ability to clinch the job because as much as you may have impressive qualifications, what matters is your ability to apply those skills successfully.

So, which are the most important sections of an executive level resume?

  1. Personal Profile

Personal profile

As an executive-level professional, this is in the form a short personal statement that appears at the top of your CV. It tells the recruiter more about you and your personal brand. It often gives a snippet of the leadership and management qualities that make you stand out from the rest. Keep it short and succinct, as it is only supposed to draw someone to the rest of your CV. A good personal profile could say something like; “A strong team leader with a demonstrated ability to manage a diverse team. I have outstanding skills in bringing a team together to work towards a common goal and achieve extraordinary results, by harnessing each person’s strengths and complementing their weaknesses. Through leadership, I have managed to mentor different people from entry level executives to management level gurus who have gone ahead to make an impact in various industries.”

  1. Skills and Core Competencies

Key skills

This part highlights those particular management and leadership skills that you will bring on board and are relevant to the advertised position. Companies are looking for people who can help them solve particular problems through their skills and so, this part should be customised to fit the position you are applying for. In this section, you can use keywords to highlight the skills and competencies. Moreover, you can use this part to highlight the positions you have previously held and are relevant to the job you are applying for. If possible, list these skills and competencies.

  1. Experience

Work experience

This is the tricky part because by the time you get to management, you have most likely held several positions. The key here is to only talk about those positions that are relevant to the job you are applying for. It goes without saying that those entry level and internship positions you previously held are not important here. In this part, do not simply list your duties and responsibilities as these do not show your capabilities. Instead, list your accomplishments in each position you have held. Be particularly specific about those accomplishments which show your suitability for the position you are applying for. Where possible, use figures to show your accomplishments and make use of action verbs to demonstrate what exactly you have been doing. Basically, use your past experience to demonstrate value. For example you could write, “Reworked the company’s operations department, which shortened the delivery time by 20% and increased the department’s efficiency.”

  1. Education


This part should come after the experience part. Most people list their qualifications since primary school and that is not important. Mostly, your education since high school is what matters. More importantly, include those professional qualification courses you have undertaken and which are relevant to your career, because they add weight to your CV. Professional courses are important as this is a demonstration that you have gained industry-relevant skills, which are helpful in your career.

An executive level resume should sell your leadership skills based on your achievements so far. It should place an emphasis on what you are bringing on board, based on your past experiences. It should show why your are different from the next candidate and how this will be useful to the position you are applying for.


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  2. What you say here is very true, very informative . Here is the thing though,our job market has changed over the years.From when I graduated in 2009, I have seen colleagues who graduated with HR have to take banking jobs,education graduates doing sales job.Point is at some point after graduating you just want a paying job it regardless of whether it matches your area of study or interest.Then in some workplaces it is not just about capability , sometimes it boils down to personality,likeability,even connections in the work place.Companies want people with experience for certain positions hence if no one takes a chance on the HR graduate who has been stuck in the banking job for two years or more for lack of experience ,what happens then?

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  8. Could you by any chance throw in a sample CV to give us a clearer picture as words and expressions seem to be oblique & ambivalent sometimes. Sample CV.

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