These 5 Job Applications Will Make Your Day

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Remember when you placed your very first job ad and the applications began to arrive. How varied, interesting and yes, even unbelievable, some of the CVs were? With over 12 years connecting employers and job seekers, we know that the hiring process has its humorous moments where you ask yourself “what was this person thinking?!” So today, we decided to share the 5 funniest job applications we’ve found.

Side note: The applications below are based on true stories but have been slightly altered to protect the candidates.

I have 6 years experience


I have a degree


I have the internet

I have a photo

I have nefarious experience


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Jessica Stiles


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  1. Does applying a job through my brighter monday work? imagine i have never received any feedback even a job opportunity from your company am i cursed or something?

    • Yes Adlyne it does work.
      We have many testimonies from job seekers who have secured jobs through Brighter Monday. The list below can shed possible reasons why you have not been getting feedback from employers.
      Do you send applications to job adverts that match your skills?
      Have you updated your CV since last year?
      Do you write a customized cover letter for each application?
      The number of job seekers has gone higher since last year, making the talent pool larger and you have to ensure your CV stands out from the rest.
      Start by editing your CV to reflect all the skills and experience you have gained. Here is an article which can help you on that.
      Subscribe for alerts that are relevant to the career you wish to pursue.
      Update your profile to over 97% to make you more visible. Use this article to help you on that.
      We hope all these measures will increase your chances of getting feedback but feel free to write to us if you need further assistance.


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