Tips on Getting That Promotion in 2019

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Most of us have promotion and career growth as one of our career resolutions for this year. You have made plans on what you feel you need to do in order to position yourself for that promotion you have been eyeing. But have you done enough? Here are a few additional things you might want to consider to improve your chances of nailing that promotion this year;

  1. Develop Mentoring Relationships

We all need some help when it comes to career and development, don’t be shy to get a mentor to help you navigate the employment sector.It is recommended that you get someone in the same field as you. You mentor should also be someone with vast experience, this way you get more help as you try to figure out your career path. On the flip side, the fact that you are seeking a promotion means that you are now an expert in your field and hence your efforts to seek greater challenges. This means that you are now in a position to mentor someone else too. Take this chance to offer training and advice to your juniors. 


  1. Quantify Your Performance and Achievements

Promotions are mostly based on merit and results. You need to prove the fact that you have delivered in your current role and that you will carry the same enthusiasm to the next role if given a chance. Be sure to keep a record of all the projects you have handled, show the impact these projects had on the brand and also explain what could have been done better. This shows preparedness, creativity and innovation, as well as loyalty to the brand.  


  1. Ensure Your Relationship with Colleagues is Good

The position you are eyeing could be a one that thrusts you into leadership or management. This means that collaboration will be a key soft skill to master. This cannot be possible if the relationship between you and your colleagues is strained. You need to work a little extra to straighten things out if their are issues. This can be a very thin line to thread, establish a good working relationship with your bosses and colleagues but don’t be that person who will do anything for a promotion.You should be known for what you do, don’t be afraid to share some of your ideas with the team, be ready to also work with everyone else, be the kind of person that listens and considers what others have to say. It shows the level of growth and your ability to work with other people.


  1. Acquire New Knowledge and Skills.

A promotion requires you to be ready for a greater challenge. You cannot face greater challenges with the same outlook or approach as before. You need new ammunition in the form of additional skills and knowledge. Research on your area of interest. What are the most in demand skills for this position? Prepare for this new role as you continue positioning yourself to get it. Don’t wait till you get the promotion then start running around plagued by the imposter syndrome. it, get the skills you need for the job. This could also include taking a management class, these skills will be very helpful since you now have to work with a bigger group of people.


  1. Build Your Network.

You learn so much about your area of expertise when you interact with people, these people don’t have to be from your company, attend networking events and have conversations that help build strong work relationships.


  1. Ask for More Responsibilities.

As you prepare to be promoted and take on a larger role, the best way in is unofficially taking on additional tasks here and there. Volunteer to help when there is a project and do your best to stand out ad be noticed by people who matter. Of course, this should not negatively affect your current responsibilities. You should also be careful not to inadvertently put yourself in a position where you become the de facto volunteer with no promotion in sight. 

  1. Be a Professional at All Times.

This could sound like a cliche, but professionalism does matter when a company is considering who to promote to a more visible position. How you carry yourself is a clear reflection of how you will influence those under you and ultimately influence performance. Simple things like showing up to work on time, dressing appropriately all the time, your interpersonal interactions with colleagues matter. 


  1. Be a Team Player.

A team player will most likely foster the team spirit when given a position of influence. Being part of a team requires effort, patience, tolerance and respect for each team member. These are aspects you need to consciously work on as you prepare for that promotion. You need the entire team to work together smoothly, appreciate everyone in the team and take to listen to everyone.


Doreen Mueke
Doreen is the Senior Content Marketer at Ringier One Africa Media.