Hiring Decision: 5 Grounds To Hire A Person

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Recruitment strategies to get you the right candidate

The recruitment process is both time and money consuming. Apart from the time it takes to find the right person, training a new person and bringing them up to the level you want them to be at can be quite a hard task. Needless to say, there is no standard way of finding the right candidate for an open position.

Hiring the wrong person leads to extra costs as the person’s performance will be below par and you might have to let go of them or move them to another department, which still means starting the recruitment cycle all over again. There are many hiring strategies and they all swear to be perfect but the truth is, but the truth is, the right candidate is one who can adequately fit within your organisation’s culture and deliver stellar results consistently.

So, how do you find this person? Here are 5 considerations when hiring a person.

  1. Hire a person with similar goals as those of the department

Common goals

One of the reasons people leave a job or underperform is because their goals and those of the position they hold or the company are not aligned. They find little value in the job and they do not see themselves adding any value anyway. So they keep coming to work and not achieving anything. If a person’s goals are not properly aligned, they are likely to have a hard time fitting in and they will soon leave, sending you back to the drawing board. When interviewing potential candidates, probe for their career goals and what drives them.

  1. Hire someone who can fit within your company’s culture

Company culture

Someone might have the right skills and experience but if they cannot fit within your company’s culture, they will not perform and they are likely to even get stressed out. A company’s culture is the invisible hand that drives the workplace and determines how well people work. If the culture is not right for the person, they will likely leave at the earliest opportunity or struggle with work. When carrying out interviews, ensure that you try to learn about the person’s personality and ability to adapt to the general environment in your company.

  1. Don’t hire a person who simply gives all the right answers to your questions

Interview questions

There are many common interview questions on the internet which help candidates prepare for interviews. The problem is, these questions and answers hardly help you to see the person’s capabilities. To help you find out whether the candidate is right for the job, avoid asking common questions and instead, probe them on their daily jobs, their skills, what they have learned so far, and how their skills fit the role they are interviewing for. Avoid looking for rehearsed answers because they will not help you analyse the candidate’s depth of skills and knowledge and more importantly, their ability to fit within your company’s culture. Look for a person who has done their research about your company and knows just what it is that they need to bring on board. The right person should be able to ask insightful questions about your company and figure out what role they play.

  1. Hire the candidate who is clear about why they want the job

Career goals

A candidate who is simply looking for a job, any job, is likely to take up the job just because it is available but will be on the lookout for the next opportunity as soon as they can. The candidate is also unlikely to be the right candidate for the job as they are not interested in bringing any value to the table.

  1. Hire an ambitious person


Lastly, you need to hire someone who is driven. An ambitious person is one who will be constantly on the lookout for new opportunities and possibilities and will never have to be pushed to do what is required of them. Avoid people who do not know what they are looking for because they will not take charge. A driven person will also take on new challenges with no hesitation, and this will help in growing the company or the department.

A hiring decision can be tough to make. Everyone wants to hire the right person who fits well into the company and the role they are hiring for. Besides, the process of hiring is expensive and time-consuming so the less you have to do it, the better for you and the company. So, when you are hiring be on the lookout for a person whose drive can fit within the culture of the company and someone whose goals are aligned with yours.

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