HR Forum, May 2016

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BrighterMonday brought together human resource professionals and experts in a forum themed ‘The Inaugural Disrupt to the HR Profession’, a first of its kind. This event took place on the 5th of May 2016 starting at 5.30 pm at the BrighterMonday Office in 14th Riverside Drive.

The event’s objective was to bring together human resource professionals together to discuss matters pertaining HR practices, and the best proven industry practice; with the aim of initiating an unconventional revolution in HR space.

Topics of discussion to be tackled by key-note speakers involved;

  • Quality of hire and its implications in the organization
  • Office culture with regards to the quality of hire
  • Hire verification in relation to quality of hire

Quality of Hire and its Implications in an organization – Perminus Wainaina, Managing partner Corporate Staffing Services

Key points;

  • View recruitment as a sales process. You have to be attractive as a brand to attract top talent.
  • Be clear on the job description of a role and the profile of your ideal candidate before commencing the recruitment process
  • The average cost to hire costs a company approximately $4000 – Deloitte 2015. Minimize your costs by ensuring you hire quality talent.
  • Stop the revolving door in your company by keeping the employees you hire. It is more expensive to hire and train than it is to retain.
  • Previous experience and know-how of what is required for a certain role is key in selecting candidates
  • Think of quality and long-term value of every hire with every recruitment exercise

See the full Presentation by Perminus here

Office Culture in regards to quality of hire – Sarah Richson, Global HR, Techno Brain Group

Key points;

  • Your culture as an organization will attract like-minded candidates. Work to create and maintain a healthy, progressive office culture
  • Hire for attitude and mindset first, then train for aptitude. The right attitude will go further than raw skills and experience.
  • Knowledge acquisition is not equal to knowledge application. It takes individual mindset and the right attitude to use acquired knowledge creatively and provide solutions
  • Great organizations are about the people in them and their unique value propositions. Consider high individual potential in candidates, high performance is never enough.
  • Impact sourcing – Changing one life has the potential to impact seven other lives in the challenged communities (Techno Brain Impact Sourcing)
  • Emotional intelligence in candidates is steadily becoming a sort-out quality.
  • As human resource professionals, we should position ourselves to innovate and be better in what we do. Human resource practices are revolutionizing to handle a fast-changing market space.
  • The ‘H’ in human resource should always remind us that we should be humane in all our dealings

See the full Presentation by Sarah here

Hire verification in relation to quality of hire (The Value of Background Checks) – Marita Mutemi, CEO Peleza Services

Key points;

  • Reasons for background checks range from elimination of CV fraud, establish the integrity and employability of a candidate, mitigate the risks of negligent hire and company reputation.
  • Negligent hires is a risk whose repercussions range from legal penalization and risk of company reputation.
  • Back ground checks should be done to all staff, including support staff e.g cleaners and temporary or casual staff.
  • Background check entails: Resume verification, Identity checks, Criminal checks, Finance checks, Drivers check, and Medical examinations
  • Background check is also conducted in informal platforms like social media to establish integrity and vales of a candidate
  • Statistics show that 6% of police clearance reports are forged, 17% of academic credentials are inflated, 33% of driving licenses are invalid and 40% of candidates inflate their career history. This is why background check is of value.

See the full Presentation by Marita here

Highlights (Photos) of the HR Event:

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Launch of the BrighterMonday Forum

BrighterMonday launched the virtual platform that encourages all stakeholders in the job market (employers, HR professionals and job seekers) to discuss, air and give their opinions on issues affecting them. Join the discussion now and give your opinion.

See the launch of the HR Forum below

Mueke Katwa
I have two years experience in Business Support which covers Human Resource as a function; and a lifelong passion in creative writing.


    • Hi Anita,
      Thank you for your request. We will be sending a white paper that will contain a detailed report on the presentations.
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  1. Thank you for bringing this forum on board. I have a problem when it comes to education qualities when hiring. One may have served in a certain capacity for years and has the experience, knowledge and skills. When this person gets an advert and applies, he/she cannot get the job, yet is very qualified and only lacks the supporting document. There are those with supporting documents, but cannot match up to the work. I think you have come across this scenario when sourcing for employees. What can be done to give such a person a chance?

    Another issue is why hiring companies always want some number of years experience. Those looking for jobs and have not been lucky to get some experience and yet this person could be very good at their job. What can be done in future so as to absorb such persons in the work force?

    • Hi Michal,
      In the case of people with the experience and no supporting documents, the first step for such a person is to demonstrate that he/she has the capability to handle the job despite the lack of qualifications. This will give the person a fighting chance. In the case of companies that ask for experience and supporting documents, different organizations have different hiring policies based on their needs. For example, some jobs require the ability to think analytically and this is a trait developed through education. As such, an organization that has a lot of analytical work in its processes may require one to have the experience as well as the supporting documents. So, a person with no documents but has the relevant experience can get a chance by demonstrating that he/she has handled the related work over time and gained an ability to do the job competently.
      On the issue of experience while hiring, this is based on a company’s budget. An experienced candidate requires less training and onboarding as opposed to an inexperienced person. The person with experience also takes less time to settle down on the job and this means that the candidate is able to become productive within a very short time. Inexperienced people can get a fighting chance by being involved in volunteering activities as well as internships which give them a solid starting point. You can also find tips on how to get a job with no experience here


  2. Hello HR Professionals, my name is Kiiza Martha. I shall complete my studies in Masters of Science in HR, by the end of May, 2016. Thank you for the HR Forum. I hope you shared a lot of relevant experiences. I live in Uganda Kampala. Please kindly let me know the next time you hold such educative forums. I shall be happier if you guide me on the modalities followed to join you over there. Thank you.

    • Thanks a lot for the feedback Martha,
      Your request is received and will take into consideration.


  3. Oh yes, I feel I have a lot to share with fellow HR professionals. Please invite me nest time. Thank you.

    • Hi Kiiza,

      Thank you for your email. Your request has been received.
      We intend to include as many professionals as possible in the next event.
      Kindly stay tuned for when this happens.


    • Hi,

      Thank you for contributing and for that feedback. We shall definitely put more effort into making more balanced. Have a good one!

  4. Employers should also consider those first job hunters in the employment environment as u earlier said the attitude one can have is what real can define the capability of a person to work and contribute towards the productivity of the organization

    • Hi Everlyne,

      Thank you very much for contributing. Very valid point that was heavily discussed in the forum as well. Although for a few other employers, this may not the be the case mainly because of the nature of the responsibilities that the incumbents will be expected to have. This is definitely a big concern for us here at brightermonday as well and we usually advice that our users/candidates applying to jobs on our platform arm themselves with experiences and skills from taking advantage of internship and volunteer opportunities. We certainly hope for the best as the job market continues to change

  5. Hey, been applying accounting jobs on your website since 2014 i guess, and not a single reply..what happens?

    • Hi Jackie,
      Thank you for your readership.
      We do understand your frustration however the list below can shed some light on the possible reasons that might have led to your current predicament;
      Do you send applications to job adverts that match your skills?
      Have you updated your CV since last year?
      Do you write a customized cover letter for each application?
      The number of job seekers has gone higher since last year, making the talent pool larger and you have to ensure your CV stands out from the rest.
      Start by editing your CV to reflect all the skills and experience you have gained. subscribe for alerts that are relevant to the career you wish to pursue.
      Update your profile to over 97% to make you more visible.
      We hope all these measures will improve your chances of being considered.


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