Fatal Non-Verbal Interview Mistakes Blocking Your Success

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Non-verbal interview mistakes

You have done an in-depth research about the company you are to interview with. You have even researched on common interview questions and how to respond to them and you are almost confident that you will ace the interview. But, there is one thing that can hold you back during that interview. Nonverbal language is also language and can be the fine line between you and the job you are interviewing for. Most people only focus on what they want to say and forget that the nonverbal cues can be deal breakers. Remember, first impressions matter so make them count. Here are the non-verbal interview mistakes to avoid.

Interview mistakes


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  1. How best can one answer the question of how much do you expect us to pay you if you will be successful for this job?

  2. I was once told I don’t qualify for a job coz I smiled during the interview. …for a security officer’s job. ..so maybe not all jobs require a smile

    • Hi Emma,
      A smile is better than a frown.
      But you are right depending on the situation, it best to limit your outward show of joy to a minimum.

  3. Great advise especially the lack of interest. It shows and translates into a below average performance. Thanks for pointing this out.

    • Hi Dorcas,
      Thanks for asking.
      This article will show you how to not only respond to questions addressing your weaknesses (if any), but also your strengths.

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