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Many first-time job seekers in Kenya find it hard to find any meaningful job as they do not have any experience yet most jobs require a minimum of 1-year similar work experience. Ironically, many people with experience also find it hard to climb the corporate ladder or change jobs because they lack what employers call necessary experience. However, there are several ways that can help you can land the interview without the required work experience and finally get the job that you have been chasing.

As a job seeker, you need to realize that upon application for any job, candidates are evaluated based on their potential to bring value to the company in future and your proven ability to deliver in areas that are core to the execution of the job. When applying for a job, bear in mind that you are marketing yourself. You are not just presenting a history of your education and any other thing that you have done along the way. Your skills are a product in the market so, how do you present this product so that it is acceptable in the market?

Write the Winning CV

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Your CV is what introduces you to the interviewers so before you can even get a chance to impress them with your skills, you need to make them want to meet you in person. This is often the toughest part of the process as you need to be a great candidate on paper without coming across as being too showy.

You, therefore, need to demonstrate your skills and clearly state your goals and achievements. The most important part of the process is to ensure that you have a good CV with the right structure so that it can get you an interview. Do not give the recruitment manager the job of looking for information in your CV because he/she won’t. 

If you are not very confident about the state of your CV, get a professional CV writer to review it and customize it for you.

Get Internship Experience


An internship basically helps you gain insights into an industry by giving you the chance to learn and grow. If you are unable to land a job due to lack of experience, an internship can give you the chance you need to get through the right doors. It demonstrates your enthusiasm to get a chance to learn and grow in the industry.

This is also important for those considering a career change. You will almost always have to start at the bottom and an internship can be a great way to get you started. It shows that you are willing to start from the bottom as you are committed to gaining the right skills for the job. If you are finding it hard to get a job due to lack of experience, you might want to consider an internship as a way of gaining experience that will make you eligible for a job.

Connect With Professionals in Your Desired Industry


Network, network, network! As unfair as it may sound, the world of business is still driven by who you know as opposed to what you know. Recruitment managers often receive hundreds of thousands of applications and it helps to have someone vouch for you and make you stand out. 

Additionally, some jobs are not advertised externally and the strategy of knowing someone who can fit a certain position is still very much alive. HR managers find referrals from colleagues and peers more credible when hiring. If you do not have any experience, it would be helpful to have someone help you get your foot through the door. Know the right people in the industry and let them know that you are looking for a job. They can help you secure an interview which will land you your first job.

Make Use of Social Media

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By now you know that social media has the ability to make or break you. Use your social media platforms to create a brand for yourself.

As stated earlier, networking helps you to get the right connections which can lead to a job offer. However, when you are fresh from school, it might be hard to have good connections that can get you a job. So, use social media to participate in industry discussions, share content and most importantly, connect and interact with the right people who can help you find a job. Additionally, some companies and individuals are increasingly using social media to announce job vacancies so network with them and you will get to know when a chance arises. This increases your chances of getting an interview as you do are not just a CV waiting to be read.

 Be Assertive


In an increasingly competitive job market, it pays to stand out from the crowd. State what you want without sounding too ambitious as this makes the recruiter curious about you and increases your chances of securing an interview. The point is to get yourself an interview that better lets you discuss your suitability for the job.

You can politely contact the hiring manager and request for an interview after submitting your CV. The worst that can happen is being turned down and that won’t hurt you since you already do not have a job anyway. It can also impress the hiring manager and get you an interview as you come across as being assertive and confident of your capabilities.

Securing an interview with no experience can be challenging. Many employers will often ask for experience which you may not have as a fresh graduate. Worse still, even those with experience may not have all the requirements for the job and this situation leaves many job seekers lost. The fact that there are many job seekers in the market means that recruiters are bombarded with many CVs and getting a chance to be interviewed is just as hard as securing a job. So, make use of the 5 tips to increase your chances of securing an interview even with no work experience.

Doreen Mueke
Doreen is the Senior Content Marketer at Ringier One Africa Media.