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Career apps

New app, new horizons

It’s nearing the end of January and as all those hopeful New Year’s resolutions are almost broken, it’s time to focus on your career! Maybe you have laid out a plan that probably includes working harder and maybe going back to school. Well, the work that goes into career growth requires strict discipline and hard work. Career apps can help you work towards this goal smoothly.

Attaining career growth means that you have to make some adjustments and enlist some help whenever necessary.

Here are 10 career apps to fast-track that process:

10. Apps for revamping your CV

Apps for revamping your CV

For starters, you need to keep your CV updated at all times. That means that you have to dust it, update it, make it more appealing and professional, and start applying for those jobs that need your qualifications. You can also keep it updated in case you want to apply for a new job in your organisation.

Most people have no idea how to make their CVs easy to read but thankfully, there is an app for that.

With apps such as and Visual CV, you can now make your CV more appealing by reorganising it and making your skills stand out. All you have to do is fill in your information to existing templates and you have a professional CV that can easily sell your skills and get you that dream job.

9. Brainstorming apps

Brainstorming apps

Maybe your career has not been growing at a pace which you were anticipating because you have not been bringing fresh ideas to your job. Or maybe, you have been pushing yourself lately and your mind is now bursting with fresh ideas on how to improve your job.

Sometimes, ideas inconveniently pop up while you are in traffic or on the move and you obviously can’t bring out your diary to note them down. Besides, diaries are so last century. Luckily, you can use apps such as Idea Box and Penzu to quickly note down the ideas and organise them, for later use.

8. Apps for organising your time

Apps for organising your time

Your to-do list would be more helpful if you got alerts reminding you about upcoming events. Being organised can greatly help you in accomplishing all your goals for the day, week, month, or year.

You can easily manage your time with calendar apps like CalenGoo, and EasilyDo. These apps have different capabilities like the ability to link to your email address and thus sync activities accurately for you.

No more having meetings slipping through your mind, or being caught flat-footed because you forgot to do something. Now you have a personal assistant on your phone.

7. Apps for tracking your time

Career growth: Apps for tracking your activities

Better yet, you need to manage your time and ensure that you do the most while you are most productive. To grow your career, you will need to use your time more efficiently and this means ensuring that the allocated time for each task is well-spent.

Career apps like RescueTime, and Hours can help you make the most of your time. You get to allocate a reasonable of time to each activity and utilise your time well. You will definitely get to do the most with your time and of course, achieving that growth will not be hard as your performance is likely to improve.

6. TedTalks app

TedTalks app

How about getting some inspiration, or borrowing ideas from some of the people who have made some of the greatest contributions to different fields? Watch, save and share some of the best ideas on TedTalks through the TedTalks app.

5. SlideShare


SlideShare allows you to view and share ideas and information on slides. With SlideShare, you will get to expand your knowledge bank as you will learn from any industry’s top gurus.

This app is important for career growth as it brings your industry’s expertise together and liberalises knowledge sharing. For example, for a middle or top level manager whose work involves frequent presentations, this is the perfect app to keep your drafts and at the same time, keep abreast with latest trends.

This app has also integrated analytics and you can view, share and save slides for later viewing.

4. Book reading apps


One of the easiest ways of growing your career involves gaining knowledge. Reading books is an easy way of doing this and with researchers constantly releasing books with new knowledge, it is in your best interest to keep abreast by reading relevant books regularly.

Since carrying books around can be cumbersome and sometimes impractical, apps can greatly help you carry around all the books you want on your phone and read them whenever you want. Download apps like Kindle app, Bookari, and Bluefire and expand your knowledge on the go.

3. Health and fitness apps

Health and fitness apps

You need a healthy body and an equally healthy mind in order to perform well. This can be achieved through fitness, which improves your alertness, brainpower, and energy levels. Exercising also improves your blood circulation and helps you sleep better, something you definitely needs so that you can rest well and be more energetic.

In order to move forward in your career, you will need to be alert, energetic and active. Boost your energy levels through a healthy lifestyle with the help of health and fitness apps such as Moves, Calorie Counter and Fitbit.

2. Team collaboration apps

Team collaboration apps

No one succeeds alone. You will need the input of others and you will need to work closely with your colleagues in order to achieve success.

Apps like Trello, Asana, and Jira help in assigning project activities to individuals on teams and tracking each team member’s progress. These apps are also great for those teams that work remotely as they help in coordinating activities.

Use team collaboration apps to keep everyone on the same page and watch your efforts elevate you.

  1. BrighterMonday app

BrighterMonday App

Fresh on the market, the BrighterMonday App is the shortest route to your next job. This app will allow you to search and view available jobs and apply for them as soon as they are live. This app has the following features to make the process of job application simple and fast:

  • Create, view, and edit job seeker profile
  • Anonymous viewer;
  • Search and view available jobs
  • Push notifications
  • Apply for jobs

The BrighterMonday App will enable you to subscribe to job alerts that fit your credentials and get notifications as soon as such jobs are announced. This enables you to be amongst the first people to apply for a job, which improves your chances of securing an interview if you meet the criteria for the job.

This app is free to download and use and is available on Google Play Store so download it today and start applying for your next job.

Apps have made life easier and career apps are bound to help you work towards your goals more effectively. These apps are available on Apple Apps Store and Google Play Store as free to download, freemiums and premium, depending on your preference.

Which apps do you use to improve your life?


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