How To Manage Different Personalities in Your Team

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manage different personalities

Most conflicts in the workplace arise from the friction of personalities and ideologies. As a manager, your team’s harmonious existence is key to its performance. It is, therefore, in your best interest to minimise friction by understanding people and why they behave the way they do. Here are ways to manage different personalities in your team and improve performance. 


Playing by the rules of the game is the motto most managers emphasize in their companies. Playing by the book is a good way of running a company since rules bring order. Despite this being true, you can choose to compromise on a few things here and there. 

Not all your employees are going to support you on everything. In some occasions, some employees may feel differently about something. Just because you hold the final say does not mean you become a tyrant. Create a conducive environment for everyone where people are motivated to do their best. Even if you have to compromise a little. Focus on the success of the company but also invest in the wellness of your employees since they are the ones who will make the company successful. Moreover, everyone feels recognized when their opinions are taken into consideration. 

Accept to Be Taught 

manage different personalities

You are the manager and you are where you are due to experience. However, learn to leave room to learn from your employees. No one is too old to learn or too young to teach. It may be hard to admit sometimes but one of your employees may have a better way of dealing with a situation than you. 

Everyone has a different personality including you. This means people are unique and they may have a better solution than you. Furthermore, two heads are better than one. That is why you are working as a team in your department or company. You will be surprised at how much you can learn from others.  

Maintain an Open Line of Communication 

Are you the kind of person that your direct reports feel comfortable raising issues with or they prefer to stay with things bagging them? The way you portray yourself to your juniors matters a lot. They should respect you but not be afraid of talking to you when things come up. Let there be professional respect but maintain an open line of communication. This way when one of your employees has a problem or an idea that can benefit the company they will not hesitate to talk it over with you.

Handle Conflict Immediately it Arises

managing different personalities

You should be cautious while handling personality conflicts. In no way should you appear to be biased if there is a personality conflict among your employees. Listen to all parties before making a conclusion. Do not wait too long wile tension ruins processes in your department. Do not let conflicts fester. Allowing issues to stay unhandled only leads to more problems. Keep in my mind there is always a second side to a story. Do not just rush with one side.

Doreen Mueke
Doreen is the Senior Content Marketer at Ringier One Africa Media.