Manage Your Boss, Stay Happy at Work

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manage your boss

You may not know this, but your boss plays a huge role in your happiness, peace of mind and even future career trajectory. Thus, it is important that you learn to manage your boss as they manage you. Managing your boss is not about control, it is more of creating harmony and understanding in your relationship. This might require a lot of effort and commitment, but it’s possible. Contrary to what you may think, establishing that kind of a relationship is not difficult at all. It may require a lot of effort to be put in but at the end of the day it is possible. Below are tips on making this possible.

But first,

What Does Managing Your Boss Entail?

Managing your boss can also be defined as managing up. This is doing whatever you need to do to make your boss’ work easier. This means helping your manager manage you.

  1. Understand Your Manager’s Communication Style

manage your boss

Different people prefer different modes of communication. For example, some people prefer  talking face-to-face to communicating through email. Some like fluff while others cut straight to the point. 

Be keen and learn how your manager likes to communicate and use it. If your boss chooses concise emails then send concise emails. On the other hand, if they prefer meetings, send that meeting invite. If your boss is a numbers guy, by all means ensure communication with has a number attached to it and you will have his or her attention. 

  1. Just Do Your Job

manage your boss

It will be hard to be in your boss’ good books if they always have to follow up for tasks to be done. Are you meeting your deadlines? Are you pulling your weight in your department? Can some of your department’s successes be attributed to you? For you to manage your boss, you need to understand your responsibilities and do them well. That is the only way you will have your boss’ ear. Talk to your boss frequently and know what is expected of you and get feedback on your performance. 

  1. Understand Your Manager’s Priorities

manage your boss

Aside from just knowing your role and responsibilities and performing your duties above par, you should also be aware of your boss’ priorities and goals. Your department’s performance is a result of teamwork, your effort included. This is important to your boss. While you have your personal tasks, take time to see the bigger picture and how your effort feeds into it. Always ask how what you do is helping realize the bigger departmental dream.

4. Communicate Your Future Aspirations

manage your boss

During your reviews, you manager will most likely ask about your future aspirations. First, ensure that your performance is above par, otherwise your future aspirations should be hitting your targets.Keeping your boss in the loop on what you wish to achieve in the future helps him understand your actions and decisions. This creates trust and accountability between you two. 

Managing your boss doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Communication is key; how you communicate and what you put across. Always think strategically and look at the bigger picture.



Doreen Mueke
Doreen is the Senior Content Marketer at Ringier One Africa Media.