The NGO and Agriculture Sectors Talent Breakfast

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ngo agriculture breakfast

The human resource challenges experienced in niche sectors like NGO and Agriculture are unique. The evolving economic and political environment has added to the volatility of hiring in the sectors. This makes it difficult to attract and retain good talent in NGOs and Agricultural-based companies. 

It is for this reason that BrighterMonday hosted a breakfast session for human resource professionals and employers in the NGO and Agriculture sectors on 19th February 2020 at Dusit D2 Hotel. The goal of this event was to;

  • Highlight hiring challenges in the two sectors
  • Identify trends in the market that affect talent management
  • Come up with working solutions to tackle the problems

The Hiring Challenges in the NGO and Agriculture Sectors

ngo agriculture breakfast

Michael Kinyanjui, the Customer Success Manager at BrighterMonday, delved into the main recruitment challenges in the NGO and Agriculture sectors. 

Regardless of sector, a mistake in hiring will cot any organization approximately 15 times base hard costs and productivity loss. This reality makes hiring a painful, messy, expensive and time-consuming process.

The Engaging Discussion 

Every company in the two sectors faces hiring challenges and the HR professionals had an opportunity to air their pain points.

Our Promise and Commitment

We understand that hiring managers in the NGO and Agriculture sectors need the best people and specialised industry advice to ensure you get the right fit. 

The BrighterMonday Assessment Feature 

ngo agriculture breakfast

Victor Achar, the head of Sales at BrighterMonday introduced an assessment feature on job posts that will require candidates applying for select jobs to take a test assessing their hard skills and suitability for the job. 

ngo agriculture breakfast

Ezra Kimondo, the Product Manager at BrighterMonday conducted a demo of the assessment feature and the HR professionals at the breakfast event got a feel of how the tool works. 

View more photos of the event below.

The Education Sector is Next!

To improve services in the education sector, school districts must improve their human capital systems. BrighterMonday will host hiring managers and recruiters in the education sector next month. If you are a human resource professional or recruiter in the sector, come let’s discuss best practice and find solutions for the sector’s challenges. Stay tuned for more details. 

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Doreen Mueke
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