Office Romance: The Right Way

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We spend close to 40% of our time daily at the workplace and falling in love with a colleague or supervisor is sometimes inevitable. It is important to know that office romance situations are tricky and can be awkward when mishandled as they disrupt teams, departments and even careers. Discretion and mutual respect are the ultimate remedies to the survival of any office romance.


Set boundaries

This calls for a delicate balance by the lovebirds to keep work out of the romance and vice versa. This helps to avoid redirecting your colleagues’ speculations since it is counter productive. It also comes in handy should the relationship hit the rocks as you are in the habit of keeping your professional and personal lives private.



This means keeping hands off each other at work. Public displays of affection should be avoided at all times especially at the workplace. When couples get used to showing their feelings and emotions in front of their colleagues, it becomes hard to control them when there is a confrontation or misunderstanding. Being publicly affectionate also creates an unprofessional atmosphere that also questions the couple’s productivity at work.


Workplace policies

Office romance could in some companies get you sent packing. It is therefore important to know workplace policies especially on romantic relationships between employees. Some companies acknowledge that relationships between colleagues can occur and provide guidelines for appropriate or inappropriate behavior.


Avoid the perception of impropriety

When a workplace romance involves people with two different levels of power, colleagues may come to believe that manipulation is involved. Such a relationship can lead to claims of favoritism by other employees. It may seem like the senior employee provides preferred work assignments to his or her partner. Should the relationship end, it would poke holes whether or not it was consensual, sexual harassment was involved or that a poor performance review caused the retaliation.

It is therefore important to weigh all possible options before falling in love with a colleague and your ability to handle a heartbreak should it turn sour.

Faith Muringi


  1. Office rship is so tempting but ppl must try to surpress a teacher n wen students find out that so n so are dating,it is no longer business as usual.they will alys make fun of them n so affecting ua perfomance.

    • Hello Mamake,
      Thanks for sharing your sentiments.
      Our goal is to ensure more people are enlightened in all matters in related to their careers, office especially relationships.
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  2. I tried it once and it terribly failed. I guess had I read this before things would have not gone thaaaaat bad. This is really an informative article

    • Hello Bernad,
      Thanks a lot for the feedback.
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  3. Yes office romance can turn nasty especially where a senior employee finds themselves in a situation where they are expected to take disciplinary measures against someone they love. They end up between a rock and a hard place.

    • Hi Jack,
      Thank you for sharing you views.
      We highly appreciate your support and readership.
      Keep it brighter Monday for more insightful articles.


    • Hello Julz
      Thank you for writing to us.
      Try as much as you can to avoid it because you will only have your self to blame for letting it all happen.


  4. Thats a very important insight because it will enlighten the employees to have job etiquette, not to collide with the employer or the other workers in the work environment. keep it up.

    • Thanks a lot Richard,
      We appreciate your readership and participation.
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  5. Am glad I read this.
    Am feeling attracted to a Colleague, thanks God I now know how to set my boundaries.

  6. I have not gone through this personally, but it’s a “No go zone” for me.
    Maybe if one of us is no longer working in the same place. Maybe.
    It helps if you are an expert in keeping your personal life very private.

    • Hi Rachel,
      Thanks a lot for taking time to read our articles.
      We highly appreciate your support.
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  7. It’s usually unhealthy to get involved in office relationships. The repercussions are usually far reaching and the person’s involved risk their esteem. It should be discouraged.

  8. as much as there some temptation i try as much as possible to avoid grad to the advice my or might happen in near future

  9. it affects the performance of those involved in the relationship and even sometime the office becomes a meeting place as people involved forget that they are at work.

    • Hi Aineah,
      We are pleased you are enlightened.
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  10. Sometimes we fall into worse situations without our consent,what can we do?Its to handle it smartly.

  11. at times we might not have a choice whether to fall in love or whom to fall in love with, but romance is a choice and therefore can be controlled. better keep it out of workplace no-matter the the degree of love.

  12. Am surprised that most people are very skeptical about office romance and relationships. Yet give or take we who are in employment sector spend about 80% of our most productive time in the office. Then 20% of the time is divided among our families, personal commitments etc. Its no wonder most people complain that they cannot find mates these days. I suggest that the office is the best place to find a serious and productive relationship. Why? 1. Just like church or other social events, it provides a platform where people with like interests can meet. 2. It provides an opportunity to observe and learn people, their work ethics, behaviors and morals. 3. For companies that have social events, this is a great opportunity to socialize and have fun together. However this works best in large organizations where there are numerous employees in different units or divisions. Your tips are great and as long as these are observed, I would encourage people to explore office romance.

    • Hi Jay,

      We agree. Though caution has to be observed to avoid crossing professional boundaries and affecting work flow and careers.
      Also, the issue of whether it is right or wrong is completely on a personal judgement level.
      There are people who believe it is a no-go zone, while others are a bit lenient.


    • Thank you Alfayo,
      We appreciate your feedback.
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    • Hello Martha,
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  13. You guys are perfect.Atleast I’v learnt something so important that I’v never met a man talking bout/of.

    • Hello Sam,

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  14. thanks a lot.. t’s the same problem that i was undergoing through.. let me practice the above mentioned cues

  15. When you choose to fall in love? I usually just develop a crush and fight it until it wears off. Does choosing to fallt in love mean you deliberately encourage the crush to grow into something?

    • Hi Lily,
      Thanks for writing to us.
      You should just sick to your initial decision to withdraw and by doing that, you’l have less distractions and your performance will be on point.


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