Our New Prices And What This Means For You

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At the start of the pandemic last year, BrighterMonday Kenya supported businesses with its #UnityinAdversity Campaign by offering free listings and discounts on some of its premium products. This campaign helped thousands of businesses across the country and gave us deeper insights into the needs of our valued employers.

This campaign recently came to an end and we reverted to our paid listings – offering employers better services at pocket-friendly costs. However, due to the increase in taxes announced in January this year, and general operational costs going up, we are increasing our prices by an average of 16%, to reflect the new tax regime while providing our customers with the best service.

According to the Kenya Economic Update covering 12 months between March 2020 and March 2021, the country’s economic growth shrunk to 0.4 per cent compared to 5.4 per cent for the same period last year.

As a business, we have managed to absorb cost increases as a result but in order for us to maintain high-quality standards, we decided to take this step.

Why exactly do we need to increase our prices?

Review of taxes and operational costs – As mentioned above, we have resolved to increase our prices to reflect the new tax regime as well as taken into consideration general operational costs, to help us maintain and improve the high standard of service that our customers are accustomed to. 

Better products, better services – Over the years, we have continually developed innovative products and significantly improved the way we serve our customers. To affirm our commitment to our growing client base, we have carefully studied the way our customers operate, analysed their pain points and created effective solutions to help solve problems and improve business performance.

With our recent introduction of ground-breaking HR solutions such as our Skills Assessments as well as upcoming improvements to products like our Best Match tool, it is evident that we are determined to help businesses grow and succeed.

Indeed, we’ve invested countless hours into developing new features and improving on existing ones, and these improvements reflect in our new prices from 1st June 2021, our customers will continue to enjoy excellent service. 

Our new pricing

See the full list of prices below;

increase our price

These price adjustments will take effect from the 1st of June, 2021

In the hunt for talents in the competitive marketplace, BrighterMonday Kenya interacts with over 40,000 Employers on its online platform and places over 2000 talents in various roles on a monthly basis.

With a seeker audience of over 1,000,000 candidates – we are still your sure ticket to acquiring the right talent you need to grow your business.

As always, we remain committed to providing you with a service that is reliable, efficient, affordable, easy to use.

We will continue to do whatever it takes to connect your growing business with highly qualified candidates as we partner with you in accelerating your growth in the market.

If you need more information or have questions for us, simply reach out to us on 0703026000. You can also click this link to view our new prices. 

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