Top 5 Books For Ingenious Personal Branding

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Books on personal branding

Personal branding is the latest way to greatness in the corporate world. For many years, emotional intelligence was touted as the top-most important quality that could help you move up the corporate ladder. While it is still an important quality, you will now need to have a personal brand, a critical aspect of emotional intelligence, in order to get to the top of your career in the modern world.

While it is still relatively new, personal branding is something that you can easily learn and start that upward progress that you have been longing for. Thankfully, there are some easy-to-read and understand books to help you get there. Here is a list that will help you get started.

  1. Personovation by Timothy Maurice Webster


Timothy is a motivational speaker, a personal branding expert, and an author. In his book, Personovation, he delves into ways in which you can take control of your personal brand and stand out in whatever industry, hence the title, Personovation. Timothy carefully weaves personal experiences into the narrative, to show how anyone can build their own personal brand. In the book, he explores several main topics which include turning pain into purpose, you are not what others think of you, building the desired perception, paying the price for your purpose, the power of strong values, fighting for your brand’s purpose, taking charge, and finding the right balance in order to build a strong personal brand. If you are looking for a detailed book on how to build the personal brand you want to be associated with, then grab yourself a copy of Personovation and get started.

  1. KNOWN: The handbook for building and unleashing your personal brand in the digital age by Mark W. Schaefer


Another South African, Mark is global icon known as an author, speaker, educator, and business consultant. In the book KNOWN, Mark delves into how you can use the digital space to build your personal brand. He is an author of an acclaimed marketing blog, and has consistently used the online platform to brand himself so, he is definitely a guru on personal branding. In KNOWN, Mark will take you through progressive steps on personal building and finally give you a list of people who have built strong personal brands in different fields. The best part is that the book raises valid points and moreso, teaches you how to use the digital space, which is readily available, to become KNOWN.

  1. Rebrand by Bernard Kevin Clive


Known as Ghana’s top guru on digital publishing and personal branding, Bernard is a brand strategist, lifestyle entrepreneur, and personal branding coach, under his consultancy, BKC Consulting. He is also the owner of Ghana’s top personal and corporate branding blog, BKC. In his book, Rebrand, Bernard will take you through a step-by-step approach on how to build your personal brand, or rebrand in a clear, actionable, and concise way. And as he says in the book, “A personal (Brand) is more than just a creative name, cute logo or complimentary card; it’s a promise of value, it’s a distinctive voice, it’s a core message, its passion driven by purpose, it’s a positive impact that creates an impression.” Get your copy now and start building your personal brand one brick at a time.

  1. Simplified Guide to Personal Branding By Joseph Mudau

Simplified guide to personal branding

If taking in too much information is not exactly what you want and you would rather get quick tips on how to build your personal brand, then this guidebook is what you need. In this quick-read, Joe Mudau will show you how to unearth your talents, strengths, values, skills, and passions so that you can get on the road to building your brand. He will not just stop there. He will show you how to communicate your brand and raise your brand’s profile with proper branding. If you have had the unfortunate event of tarnishing your brand, Joe will helpfully help you start your recovery journey or rebrand altogether. Finally, present-day brands are all about the digital space and Mudau will show you how to use the digital space to sell brand you!

  1. Authentic Personal Branding: A New Blueprint for Building and Aligning a Powerful Leadership Brand by Hubert K. Rampersad

Authentic personal branding

This guidebook will take you through a 4 step model to build and communicate the personal brand you desire. The book is laden with numerous examples of people who have successfully built and marketed their brands well and you will be pleased to find that some of your favourite celebrities are on the list. The book will help you bring out the best in you and attain success through simple tips that you can start implementing immediately.

Building a personal brand is not hard. These books will help you gather tips that you can implement and be on your way to success.  


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  2. Personal branding is infact a customer care orientation on its own making for if you care so much about your image in any environment as an employer or employee then all your customers will go home smilling.

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