Tips to Personalize Employee Management for Increased Productivity

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personalizing employee management

The employee experience in the workplace plays a critical role in employee engagement and retention in the company. Simply put, when employees enjoy their stay in the workplace, they will stay and better yet, become more productive.

That being said, creating an optimum employee experience is not an easy feat. It is a rich mix of several critical factors like organizational culture, employee engagement and retention, training and development and employee wellness programs.

If you are seeking to personalize and improve your employee experience, the following pointers might offer tips in the right direction.

Create a Customized Talent Development and Training Program

personalized employee management

Two surveys done in the recent past by BrighterMonday reveal that training and development are key is improving employee retention and productivity. The Millennial Report in 2019 and the Best 100 Companies to Work for in 2018 clearly show that employees consider training and career development opportunities in a company as an incentive to be more productive and stay with their current employer.

In any case, creating training and development opportunities for employees directly impacts on their performance and productivity. A well-trained employee is more equipped to handle their tasks effectively and improve the quality of output in their department and organisation as a whole.

Personalized training works better than a one-size-fits-all approach which may go against employee’s interests and personal career aspirations. It is best to identify training gaps in different employees and different departments then address these needs specifically.

Put in Place a Recognition Program

personalized employee engagement

Employees in the workplace need to know they are doing well and the management is noticing their effort. Recognition in the workplace helps improve employee engagement and retention.

A personalized recognition program helps add structure, define individual, departmental and organizational KPIs and helps streamline communication. The program should be fair and tailor-made to fit the work and expectations given. It should also be flexible, transparent, clear and agreed upon by both parties. Public recognition adds a positive element in a company’s company culture.

Foster Strong Relationships and Mentorship Programs

personalized employee management

Employee experience in the workplace is greatly influenced by relationships and the social working environment. How employees relate with each other impacts on mentorship, collaboration and ultimately productivity. As an employer, you should create opportunities for collaboration and team building activities in the company.

Mentorship is also facilitated by good workplace relationships. These should be personalized as well. Reasonable matching of employees for mentorship activities should be facilitated by via employee involvement.

BrighterMonday Provides Insights on Personalized Employee Management

personalized employee management

This quarter’s BrighterMonday HR Forum will tackle insights on personalized employee management with a focus on the following pillars;

  1. Setting up health Programs
  2. Wholesome  training and development for a winning team – Panel
  3. Maintaining exemplary work culture
  4. Curbing erosion of Employee performance

Experts in these areas of focus will be giving industry-based insights on the above. Join us on 11th April from 8.30am to 4.30pm.

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Doreen Mueke
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