Reintroducing Best Match; A New Way To Match

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new way to match

A wrong hire will cost your organization thrice their annual salary. Most hiring managers end up with about 30% of wrong hires. This means that recruitment experts have to look beyond the CV to get the best fit for their companies.

new way to match

BrighterMonday’s mission is to match the best talents in the job market with the right job opportunities. This improves work productivity and ensures the best organizational fit is matched to the right work environments.

We believe that to achieve this, the hiring process has to be objective, data-oriented and productivity-focused.

This is why we have reintroduced our Best Match listing solution, a new way to match.

Our new Best Match squarely addresses most of your recruitment challenges without having to break your bank. It assures us to deliver a shortlist of up to 10 passive and active candidates from our database who have tested for competency and meet 100% of your job requirements within 7 working days.

It is a new way to match, allowing you to get qualified candidates for your roles. Here are key features of our New Best Match Listing:

1. Complimentary Assessments Credit

Best Match has a Matching Algorithm that allows you to test both passive and active applicants (if you opted to add the complimentary assessment) and assign an assessment score for each candidate.

new way to match

These assessments allow you to test for the core competencies and knowledge required for your specific role. This increases your chances of getting the best candidate for the position you are trying to fill.

2. Increased Visibility and Reach

With a Best Match listing, you will be prominently presented to seekers actively looking for jobs, as well as the right matching candidates who might be currently employed, to ensure you have an adequate pool of high-quality candidates.

Your roles will also be promoted to both active and passive candidates on our database.

3. More Transparency

Our new and improved Best Match listing solution ensures that you can access the recruitment process in real-time.

new way to match

You will be able to view all the stages of applicants, with a fully interactive view of all applicants. It allows you to engage with both candidates and our recruitment experts should the need arise.

4. Detailed Automated Report

Lastly, with the new way to match, we will send a detailed automated report via email from the platform with the shortlist of 10 Best Match candidates, and insights as to why the best match selections were made.

This report is highly researched to ensure only the best candidates are shortlisted for you.

Here is a detailed step by step process on how to use our new and improved Best Match Listing. Start today and find #ANewWayToMatch

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