8 Extra Skills To Help You Land A Good Job

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Skills to help you grow in your career

The job market is changing and so is the demand. It is easier to land common jobs but harder to get more specialised ones. But it’s only harder because most people don’t choose to specialise. If you simply follow the usual pathway of a degree or a Master’s, then you will be like everybody else, and you don’t want that. If you plan on having it easy in the interviews and landing that job you have been chasing for a while, you need to get yourself some very unique skills!

There is a bunch of amazing skills that you can get with just a few weeks or months of courses. So make sure to note them down and turn a “no” into a “hired”!

  1. Coding and Programming

extra skills to get you hired

Everything around us is digital now. Speaking a foreign language is almost as important as speaking a coding language. Coding and programming are the new ways of communicating with others from the other side of the world. These are international languages that create experiences for the user.

There are tens of programming languages available at the moment, from the basics such as PHP, HTML5, C++, Java, to newer ones that are released every day. These are skills you can learn on your own by doing extensive research on the internet

You can also learn more programming languages by enrolling for a course in Computer Science. Do a thorough research on what is available in schools near you and their requirements and once you’re sure of what you need, go ahead and start speaking a new language.

  1. Management

extra skills to get you hired

Climbing the ladder within the company is something that takes years of hard work and long hours. But you can shorten this process by taking specific management courses such as a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management or a Ph.D. in Business and Management.

Additionally, most people only know how to use Word and Excel at the user level. So that does not set you apart from the rest. However, not many know all their tricks and can perform complicated tasks on any of these two. This also applies to all the other Office package programs such as Powerpoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher, and Access. If some of those sound like Greek to you, then it means you are far from being an expert. So get started on the journey to expertise by finding some online tutorials or local classes and start learning the ins-and-outs of the Office package. If you’re the only one that is specialised in Excel and Publisher, for example, you will be given higher responsibilities and will grow faster in the company as everybody will need your skills.

  1. Languages

extra skills to get you hired

Most people in the world speak either one or two languages depending on where they were born. If you grew up at a place where two languages are used, everybody else will also speak them. So you won’t be considered unique but average. The trick, therefore, is to learn an extra language or two in order to stand out.

Learn a language that is in demand in your area and is not widely spoken. It could be languages such as English, Chinese, French, and Japanese, which are growing in the business world. Or it could be a very specific language which nobody speaks in your area, for example, Portuguese, Swedish, Danish, Hindi, etc. Check out the jobs in your country and see what the demand is, for each, then choose one that you feel you’ll be good at.

  1. Marketing

extra skills to get you hired

Like everything else, marketing is also adapting to the new world and going digital. Many of the old fashioned marketing concepts still apply, but there are many new things to learn to thrive in the digital world.

If you like understanding the buyer’s behaviour, guide them to a purchase decision, showcase products, and see results, then marketing is the thing for you. Marketing and advertising courses now cover a huge variety of skills such as social media marketing, search engine optimisation, AdWords, e-books, sales funnels, content marketing, among others. If you feel like you would have the creativity to enjoy this type of tasks, then this one is definitely your skill to learn.

  1. Design and Video Production/Editing

extra skills to get you hired

This skill is a little bit unique. Everybody can learn to design, but not everybody will have the eye for a good graphic. If you have always enjoyed art and feel the bug for drawing and composing, then this might be the skill for you.

Learning graphic design can help you become a freelancer or land jobs in diverse company-departments, such as marketing, book publishing, TV channels, magazines, restaurants for their menus and posters, and any company that needs logos and catalogues. It is a skill that can be used for a variety of jobs.

Video production and editing are also very sought-after technical skills. Likewise, video production is extremely difficult if someone does not have the creativity to put it into practice. It is necessary to have a good eye, a lot of patience, and good understanding of composition.

  1. Project Management

extra skills to get you hired

More and more companies now need project managers in their daily operations, as there are many projects to be launched and managed within the core business. However, most people studying business related degrees don’t consider the use of Project Management Institute (PMI) certificates.

If you want to stand out, you need to take PMI courses. There are several levels, so you can start from the basics and keep growing. The basic certificate will already make you stand out from the crowd. Once you get your PMP (Project Management Professional) certificate, you will need to continue taking courses every year to maintain it. However, they will feel very easy as you will be practising every day since you will already be in project management.

  1. Public Speaking

extra skills to get you hired

It may sound a bit dull, but public speaking is not everybody’s cup of tea. Many people lack the skills to transmit and be interesting when speaking publicly. Try to remember the last time you attended a meeting, a conference, or just a class. If the speaker made you sleepy and lost your attention, then he/she was not a good public speaker.

It is a skill that you can learn and perfect with lots of practice. Public speaking is not only about how to tell something to a group of people. It has to do with manners, posture, the tone of voice, voice modulation, storytelling, among others. You need to keep your audience entertained and make your listeners feel that they left knowing something more without being bored or sleepy. You can find online tutorials on how to improve your public speaking skills and dazzle your audience the next time you have a speaking engagement.

  1. Critical Thinking

extra skills to get you hired

Even though this does not sound like skill that can be learned, it actually is. Critical thinking is something that 9 out of 10 companies regard as important in their hiring processes. It consists of analysing problems or processes and finding logical solutions.

Just like any other logical process, critical thinking may come naturally to some, but it can also be learned. If you like analysing and finding solutions to complicated problems, then this might be the skill for you. Approaching problems from a different point of view, finding the best path to complete a process, or just help a team improve their productivity are some of the areas that make use of critical thinking skills.


Njeri Karanja
Njeri is a reading and creative writing enthusiast who is neck-deep in research writing. She is well versed in researching and writing on various topics.


    • Hi,am always empowered by your articles.please advice.which certificate course should take?Procurement and supplies management,project management,office management.Am stranded.

      • Hi Antony,
        With regards to your question, kindly choose the one you are passionate about but more importantly do research on the current job market because by doing this, it will help you make the right decision. You can also visit Brighter Monday Educurtis http://bit.ly/2uH2PL1 to help you choose.


  1. Very informative,now I know what to do from here,my cv has just been plain with no other skills outside my biotech career.Looks like I need to do more. . .thank you

    • You’re welcome George.
      Make sure you implement all the tips you have learned here and if you need any assistance let us know.


  2. Please find me an institution that offers project management course and probably a flexible one since I am on a 8-5 job.

  3. Great article. I have always enjoyed analysing problems and seeking logical solutions, never thought of it as a skill.

  4. Thanks.
    I think I am now motivated and set for the next step in my career life: to learn extra skills.
    In this case, I will pursue all the eight skills, thanks to Brighter Monday!

  5. thanks a lot for such a wonderful topic. will be going for an interview on Monday by 8 am ,what do.I do.n what not to.do.
    is it logic to.have an interview that early ?

    • Hi Susan,
      With regards to your first questions, just be confident, do a research to know about the company so that incase they ask, you will not remain frozen. Read here http://bit.ly/2tcV2Wn to know more. To answer your last question, there is no standard time for interviews so regardless the time your expected to report, make sure that you are well prepared.
      We apologies for the delayed response.


  6. This is quite nice Njeri. Another complementary will be blog and article writing. Growing demand, relatively easy and fits into many career paths e.g. Business, art, journalism, and just about as many more.
    I would like to hear your thoughts on which complementary skills are available to a career accountant /finance graduate.

    • Hi Jesse,
      Thank you for reading
      To be the best accountant one should posses these skills:, Public speaking competence, Management and leadership strength, Up-to-date tax knowledge, Business expertise, Systems abilities etc.


  7. I’m Desmond,thank you for this,Very insightful,I am a graduand in econ statistics I’m finding problems applying for jobs using the various application forms company’s provide on your platform..

    • Hi Desmond,
      To apply you only need to click the apply button and the CV will go straight to your desired company but if you dont have an account with us, kindly sign up http://bit.ly/1XYlE7R so that you may be able to apply successfully.


  8. Hello Njeri, I’m a HR graduate and I’d like to hear from you on which skills I need to possess so as to land an internship with reputable firms like Safaricom, Kengen, KPMG and Jubilee insurance. Thanks for the enlightening article.

    • Hi Jimmy,
      Thank you for reading.
      With regards to your question, you can further your studies if your highest was a diploma or degree for that specific course. The companies you have mentioned if they have openings for the Hr jobs or other positions then you can apply. View also here http://bit.ly/2wH7hth the latest once available in our site.

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