Smart Job Hunting Tips as BrighterMonday Turns 15!

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smart job hunting

This week marks 15 years since BrighterMonday was launched. In 2006, we launched a business to help Kenyans pursue their professional dreams and kicked off an incredible journey to help thousands of businesses hire the right. Today, we are proud to have come all this way. Here’s a video from our CEO, Emmanuel Mutuma, on our journey with you.

BrighterMonday website has grown to be the largest pool of new and updated jobs across the country. Getting these qualified jobs in your email is as easy as logging into your social account if you have one. Staying updated in the workspace means keeping your professional profile as updated as possible.

Recently, BrighterMonday made updates on how to make a seamless job application process. These new updates ensure that our job seekers find it easy to move around the website, and make the right applications.

No one wants to go through the hustle of looking through the 1000+ jobs available on the site. We understand the needs of jobseekers and ensure they follow our smart job hunting tips to stay updated and alert. Here are some reasons to use job alerts to ensure smart hunting in your job search;

1. Receive jobs as soon as they go live

Creating job alerts on Brighter Monday ensures that you are the first to get the notifications to apply as soon as adverts go live on the site. This is a smart job hunting tip as it ascertains that you apply to fresh jobs as they are public. It is also essential in cases where an employer is shortlisting on a rolling basis. When you apply first, you increase your chances of having your CV read and shortlisted on the first-come-first-serve basis that the recruiter is seeking to fill. Be proactive and create your alerts today, apply on the go.

smart job hunting

2. Get the right jobs delivered to your inbox

Looking through jobs can be draining, especially if you can’t seem to find what you are searching for in the first few pages. Save yourself time and have the jobs delivered right into your inbox, no more hustle! BrighterMonday constantly ensures that the jobs you customize the alerts for are sent to your inbox as soon as they get published, so you don’t waste time shifting through the pages. We understand you only have a couple of minutes to sift through the haze.

3. Get qualified recommendations to relevant jobs

This ensures that only qualified and relevant job opportunities are sent to you. Smart job hunting means that you get to spend as little time as possible deciding whether to keep moving through the pages or apply to the jobs you qualify the most for, delivered to you first. The end game is to have your goals met, with the shortest turnaround time. To make things easier for you, create your job alerts and let us get the rest for you.

smart job hunting

So how do we create alerts on BrighterMonday?

How to create job alerts on BrighterMonday

1. Create your account

The first step to get you going is to create an account on BrighterMonday. Sign up and include basic personal details and contact information, include your academic background and qualifications. Ensure you upload your current and updated CV and fill in the relevant sections with your work experience to complete your profile 100%. Basically, just ensure that your profile is as updated and as professional as possible. Some recruiters use the BrighterMonday profile to shortlist applicants. Ensure yours is up-to-date.

2. Customise your alerts

Once your account is set up and ready to go, click on the dashboard for the ‘Job Alerts‘ icon and begin the process. Make customized job alerts on this page on the kind of job alerts and industries you’d like to work in, then let us do the heavy lifting for you! Make sure that you have notifications turned on so that you can always receive the jobs you recommended fast and first. Be ahead of the game with our smart job hunting tips.

In Conclusion…

As we celebrate our 15-year journey with you, we have so much to share. We’ll be running a simple exercise on our social pages, and we’d love your input. Be sure to be on the lookout in the course of the week. You might be the lucky winner!

Happy hunting!

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