Kenyan Giants Who Have Successfully Made A Career Change

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Career Changes By Successful Kenyans

Have you ever felt that you needed to change lanes and get into a totally different career? Some people genuinely go far along with their careers only to get to a point where they derive no satisfaction at all from their jobs and would like to move to a completely different career. Some people stay on while others take this leap of faith and jump into unchartered waters, with resounding success. While it can be scary to leave a safe career and delve into something you are not sure about, sometimes all you need is determination and a deep desire to learn. Be inspired by these Kenyans who took that leap of faith, put in the work and are now reaping the fruits of their work.

  1. Biko Zulu




Well known for his blog, BikoZulu has become synonymous with the culture of successful blogging in Kenya. His blog is one of the most popular in Kenya and has a faithful legion of followers. However, before becoming a successful writer, Biko was a laboratory technician, doing his duty in ridding the world of diseases and pathogens, as he has previously put it. Despite pursuing a course in the same career, Biko always had a burning desire for writing and over the years, he nurtured this talent to become the household name that he is today. He dropped his lab technician career and pursued his passion and today, he is one of the most sought-after writers in the industry.

  1. Mutua Matheka

Mutua Matheka

Photographer extraordinaire, master of all things visual, and a man with enviable photography skills, Mutua Matheka is no stranger to Kenyans. He is the man behind some of Nairobi’s breathtaking portraits and is probably the man behind some of the most beautiful depictions of this city. But, despite having an artistic bug in him, Mutua did not start as a photographer and neither did he take formal classes in photography. He pursued Architecture in JKUAT, as his artistic nature drove him towards the course. Later on, he went to Germany for an internship and that is where he picked his love for photography and probably, his first camera. Upon coming back home, he actively pursued this passion, alongside his career in architecture and has since blossomed into a talented artist who did not entirely drop architecture but practices it alongside photography, which is his main hustle. Mutua is a testament to the fact that passion and a little creativity can take you far if you are brave enough to take up the challenge and are willing to put in the work.

  1. Angela Ndambuki

Angela Ndambuki

Starting out as a mellow vocalist in the all-girls’ group Tatuu, Angela remains an inspiration to many girls. She was recently appointed as the CEO of the Kenya National Chamber of Commerce. Angela’s light first shone when she started out as a singer in Tatuu but later settled on a career in law and rose to her current position. She is a true indication that you can explore all your possibilities and become the very best in everything you do.

  1. Francis Amisi aka Frasha


Frashaaaaaa, mi mkare! Most of you know Frasha for his punchy lines in songs by P-Unit. The group shot to the limelight with their unusual hip hop style, calling themselves wagenge. Well, Frasha, one of the lead rappers in the group recently vied for an MCA seat in Athi River but unfortunately dropped out a couple of days before the polls. What most people don’t know is that that would have marked his third career shift, since Frasha is not scared of taking any bull by the horn. He first started out as a physiotherapist, having pursued Diploma in Physiotherapy at the Kenya medical training College(KMTC). He went ahead to work in some of the biggest hospitals in the country, before quitting physiotherapy to join music full time. He is even one of the key shareholders of Pacho Records, a leading record label behind some big hits at the moment. Well, if you are hesitant to pursue what your heart wants, perhaps you can borrow a few tips from Frasha Dakitare.

  1. Caroline Mutoko

Caroline Mutoko

She is known as the queen of Kenya radio. She is known for outspoken nature, and a fearless ability to fight anyone that tries to bring her down. However, Caroline did not start off in radio. After graduation, like most people, she got into banking. She later joined Radio Africa where she started off by doing traffic updates. She later started voicing radio ads before she got her own show. She has since then grown in the media industry and is one of the most celebrated media gurus in the country.

Changing a career is not an easy thing to do. However, if you can learn anything from these successful Kenyans is that it is doable, as long as you put in the work and effort.

Tell about other people you know who have changed careers and what you have learned from them in the comments section.

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