Targeted Talent Sourcing: Getting it Right

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targeted talent sourcing

As an HR professional or a business leader, you understand that finding and retaining good talent is no easy task, despite the fact that the market is saturated with eager job seekers. This means that you need to work on attracting, selecting, engaging and retaining the right talent for holistic growth and success of your business. More importantly, you need to start working on succession planning to ensure your company doesn’t always hit the reset button when someone leaves.  There are a few steps you can take as an employer to rise above the competition for talent in the market.

targeted talent sourcing

Develop your brand expertly

Skillfully developed brands appeal to and retain good talent in the market. If you present your organization as an ideal place to work, you will always have good talent interested to work for you and your existing staff will want to put down roots in your company and grow with you. Creating brand awareness is a way of getting noticed by the kind of talent your company needs. BrighterMonday can provide the much-needed visibility through Homepage prominence, Banner advertising and prominence when advertising your jobs to our huge job seeker audience.

targeted talent sourcing

Get the Best Match

The secret to retaining talent is ensuring you get the right people on board right from the start. Usually, employers are too keen to fill existing vacancies to worry about the people coming in. It is usually too late when such employers realize the harm done by bad hires. Ensure that you get the best and the brightest candidates from BrighterMonday. With 100% candidate profile and automated searching, you are guaranteed the best talent for your role.

targeted talent sourcing

Communicate Your Brand in Your Job Ads

How do you communicate with potential job seekers to get the right talent? Do you understand the market and its challenges? Do you know the latest market trends and behavioural changes in the market? 

Talk to us. We have over 10 years’ experience in the job market. We conduct regular surveys and research to monitor trends and we just might know how to tailor recruitment in a way that best suits you and gets you quality talent.

targeted talent sourcing

Comprehensive Recruitment

Our recruitment and communication teams know how best to convey your brand message, and make you conspicuous to the intended audience to trigger the right action. Our team designs suitable recruitment campaigns that end in you getting top-cream hires.

Get the best personnel for your C-Suite Executives

Hiring for senior management positions is no easy feat. It requires rigorous checking and double-checking to ensure who you hire is the best, because they determine the results and output of a department and ultimately, the business. BrighterMonday’s mix of human and automated solutions comes to your rescue with an end-end recruitment solution to get you hard-to-find executive talent fast. 


Get the Best and the Brightest

Get the best matching, brightest candidates, best pricing, best reach and best podium today. Select the best solution now.  



Doreen Mueke
Doreen is the Senior Content Marketer at Ringier One Africa Media.