Things To Never Say In An Interview

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In any interview, your main goal is to ensure you get across as the right person for the job.It’s  a chance for you to convince the hiring panel or manager that you are a great fit. As you are doing your research and preparing for the interview, there are questions that you need to avoid. To help you, here are 10 things not to say.

1.What do you do around here?

Before going for any interview, do your research.You come out across as arrogant when you are  unaware of the company does. Most companies have an online presence, check out their website and social platforms and have all the information you might need.

2. I just couldn’t stand my last job.

No matter how bad your last job was, don’t complain about it. It’s not a good look on you, when you keep going about your old boss and the crazy work environment.

3. I never liked my old  boss.

Similarly, you shouldn’t speak about your old boss, this a chance for you to have a fresh start, focus on the new opportunity.

4. I’m So Nervous.

Even when you are nervous, don’t say it out loud. Find a way to stay calm, this says a lot about your personality and just how good you are under pressure.


5. I Can Do Pretty Much Anything.

Companies are looking for people who are passionate about what they do. So when you are open to take up any role, that could be a red flag. Be ready to explain what you like about the new position and have as many ideas because they are definitely going to ask you.

I can do all things.

6. I Might Not Have As  Much Experience.

This is a mistake many people especially if you are a fresh graduate or looking to change careers. When you apologize for experience you don’t have, you are letting them know that you might not be a great hire. Focus on your strength and show your ability to apply and learn new stuff.

7. But I Have It on My Resume.

Yes, you have it on your resume but when asked, talk about it, don’t ask the hiring manager to refer to your resume. It sounds rude, go ahead and explain yourself in details. This could also show how articulate you are.

It's on my resume

8. I Don’t Know.

Answering questions with ‘I don’t know’ is never a good approach, even after practicing and doing your research, you might still find some questions or topics that you are not very familiar with. ‘That’s a great question, what I would do is..” is a much better approach.

I don't know

9. So,How Much Vacation Time Do I Get?

This is not a good look especially because you are trying to get the job. The recruiter wants to know how you are going to benefit the company, you asking for leave days already shows that you are not even interested in  that job.  

How Much Vacation Time Do I Get


10. How Fast Can I Get To The Next Level?

You asking this question might come of as arrogant or simply rude. Ask about their career paths instead, show that you want to stay with the company for a while and are looking to learn and grow.

Sarah Wangari