Top 15 Jobs in Kenya in 2018

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top jobs kenya 2018

The job market is made up of job supply and also a supply in terms of talented, qualified candidates. Ideally, this delicate balance needs to be maintained in the job market, but sadly this is not the case in Kenya. A survey by BrighterMonday reveals that the competition for available jobs in the market is stiff because 53% of the respondents were unemployed.

Even with the grim figures of supply and demand, the job industry is evolving with more employers hiring more in certain positions and job roles than others. This is impacted by factors like the economic situation of the country, trends in a specific industry, as well as trends in technology.

Below is a list of the top 15 jobs that were most popular on BrighterMonday, the leading jobs website

  1. Sales and Business Development

sales and business developmentPercentage of sales jobs in 2018:11.43%
Positions available: Sales Manager, Business Development Manager, Sales Officers,

Business Development Officers, Sales Executives

Industries: All

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  1. Project Management

project management jobs

Percentage of jobs in 2018: 10.78%

Positions available: Project Assistant, Project Officer, Project Consultant, Project Manager

Industries: NGO, Finance, Tech Industry

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  1. Accounting and Auditing

accounting and auditing jobs

Percentage of jobs in 2018: 9.21

Positions available: Auditor. Financial Controller, Cashier, Cost Controller, Credit Controller, Accounting Assistant, Finance Manager, Director of Finance

Industries: All

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  1. IT & Telecoms

IT jobs

Percentage of jobs in 2018: 7.68%

Positions Available: Web Developer Software Developer, ICT Manager, Software Engineer, ICT Officer, Head of Information Security

Industries: All

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  1. HR & Training

hr jobs

Percentage of jobs in 2018: 7.51%

Positions Available: HR Manager, HR Officer, Recruiter, HR Consultant, HR Business Partner

Industries: All

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  1. Administrative Jobs

top jobs 2018 - administrative

Percentage of jobs in 2018: 7.06%

Positions Available: Unit Manager, Secretary, Administrator, Front Office, Clerks

Industries: All

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  1. Medicine and Pharmaceutical

top jobs 2018: medicine jobs

Percentage of jobs in 2018: 5.60%

Positions Available: Specialists (e.g Dentist, Sonographer, paediatrician, etc) Nurse, Pharmacist, Medical Officers

Industries: Medical and Health

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  1. Engineering Jobs

top jobs kenya 2018 - engineering

Percentage of jobs in 2018: 5.38%

Positions Available: Machine Operators, Engineers, Mechanics, Head of Maintenance, Maintenance Officer

Industries: Manufacturing, Automotive, Service

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  1. Marketing and Communication

top jobs kenya 2018 - marketing jobs

Percentage of jobs in 2018: 5.28%

Positions Available: Community Manager, Digital Marketing Specialist, Content Specialist, Public Relations Specialist, Marketing Manager

Industries: All

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  1. Management Positions

top jobs kenya 2018 - management

Percentage of jobs in 2018: 4.03%

Positions Available:CEO, Head of Department, CFO, CMO, Director

Industries: All

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  1. Supply Chain and Procurement

top jobs kenya 2018 - supply chain jobs

Percentage of jobs in 2018: 3.76%

Positions Available: Supply Chain Manager, Supply Chain Officer, Logistics Officers/ Managers, Procurement Officers / Managers, Head of Stockroom

Industries: All

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12. Customer Service & Support

top jobs kenya 2018 - customer service jobs

Percentage of jobs in 2018: 3.30%

Positions Available: Customer Service Executive, Customer Service Officer, Client Relationship Executive, Business Desk Support, Switch Board Operator

Industries: All

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  1. Consulting and Strategy

top jobs kenya 2018 - consulting and strategy

Percentage of jobs in 2018: 2.95%

Positions Available:Strategic Consultant, Business Consultant, Financial Analyst, Researcher, Market Analysts

Industries: Banking, NGO, Travel, Hospitality, Digital

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  1. Hospitality Jobs

    top jobs kenya 2018 - hospitality jobsPercentage of jobs in 2018: 2.72%

Positions Available: F&B Officers / Supervisor, Chefs, Housekeeping Officers/ Supervisors, Cooks, Transport Officers/ Managers, Waiters

Industries: Hospitality

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  1. Legal Jobs

top jobs kenya 2018 - legal jobs

Percentage of jobs in 2018: 1.46%

Positions Available: Court Clerk, Advocates,Compliance Agent, Attorney, Legal Officers, Paralegals

Industries: Legal, Compliance

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