UNICAF: International Higher Education with Local Support

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The Internet explosion has led to an infinite number of online degree programmes on offer. This never-ending range of online university degree programmes makes choosing the right one a difficult procedure, because of the many parameters one has to consider. Corporations, businesses and employers in general favour candidates who hold degrees from internationally recognised institutions. However, many people living in developing countries, far from urban areas, and with limited incomes, don’t have the option to travel abroad for their studies. So, they can either study online, with a university based in a far-away country, usually offering little support and leaving students to their own devices, or enrol with a local university, which may have limited options to offer.

UNICAF is the leading online digital platform delivering affordable, quality higher education to underserved markets, in collaboration with reputable universities in the UK, Europe and Africa. UNICAF’s unique educational model combines the advantages of cutting-edge, international higher education with the much needed local support, which can prove crucial in completing successfully any degree programme.

Through UNICAF’s state-of-the-art Virtual Learning Environment students have constant access to study material and can connect and interact with tutors and fellow students from around the world.

In addition, UNICAF learning centres, located across Africa and in other parts of the world, not only provide support to online students, they also help them connect and network with fellow students, local personalities, business people and leaders through events and activities that forge strong bonds and can prove very useful in their future careers.

UNICAF has already helped more than 12,000 students from over 156 countries to earn quality, internationally recognised university degrees, at a fraction of the cost with the help of generous scholarships. This opportunity of a lifetime is available for you too. Simply go to www.unicaf.org, choose the programme you wish to study and apply for an up to 50% UNICAF scholarship. Following your registration, you will be able to enjoy everything UNICAF has to offer, including our brilliant student events.

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To give you a glimpse into some activities UNICAF students are involved in, here are some snapshots from recent student events in different countries.

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