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By 2050 more than half of global population growth is expected to occur in Africa, according to a United Nations report. After 2050, Africa is projected to be the only region where the population will continue to grow. “High fertility” countries, where women have five or more children on average, abound in Africa. The largest of these is Nigeria, expected to welcome 10% of the world’s newborns by 2050. In addition, average life expectancy is expected to eventually increase in Africa to 78 years of age. These factors, combined with a decrease in child mortality, guarantee a population boom in the next decades. It then translates into tremendous opportunities for corporations and commercial businesses, which are already flocking to set up regional headquarters on the continent, in order to take advantage of this growing market and young labour force. Quality higher education is one of the most important provisions needed to build a skilled, dynamic labour force, which will be able to drive economic growth and development.

Unfortunately, though, public as well as private universities in most African countries, especially in the sub-Saharan region, lack the necessary infrastructure and financial resources to provide quality higher education to such a rapidly growing population.

This is where UNICAF steps in with practical solutions. The interventions enable African candidates with work/ family commitments, or financial difficulties, to study online for internationally recognised degrees from reputable partner universities in the UK, Europe and Africa.

UNICAF facilitates online delivery of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes through an easy-to-navigate digital platform. UNICAF students have 24/7 access to study material, in the form of e-books, podcasts and videos, receive graded assignments, and communicate with tutors and fellow classmates through the digital platform. Eligible candidates can apply for a UNICAF Scholarship, which can cover up to 80% of tuition fees. With UNICAF, students have the flexibility to study from home, at a fraction of the cost, and receive degrees from reputable universities.


Degrees awarded by partner universities through UNICAF are exactly the same as those earned by on-campus students. Graduates are equipped with the most recent theoretical and practical knowledge in their chosen subject, giving them a competitive advantage in today’s demanding job arena. Over 8,000 students have already benefitted from UNICAF’s scholarship programme.

UNICAF receives countless messages of gratitude from students whose lives have changed as a result of receiving a scholarship to study online. Take the example of Chioma Anastasia Orji, an engineer and currently an MBA student at the University of South Wales in the UK. She has this to say about her experience, “UNICAF’s VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) is very informative and flexible with easy navigation. E-books and all the required materials are readily available and accessible. My tutors are professionals and always willing to assist. This has made my studying very easy and interesting.”

While Oghenethoja Umuteme, a business consultant and pastor, currently doing a Business Psychology degree with Unicaf University, through UNICAF, has this to say, “I recommend UNICAF for those who are willing to learn and develop their competence in business and leadership, to take the advantage this learning opportunity has to offer, so that they can learn at their own pace, yet with international focus in mind”.

The wide range of degree programmes available through UNICAF are designed to provide cutting-edge knowledge and effective training, answering the needs of contemporary corporations and businesses and preparing graduates for the global workplace. With UNICAF, young students can realise their dream of quality higher education, as a stepping stone for the job and lifestyle they wish to live, while professionals can advance in their career, fitting post graduate studies around their work and family commitments.

UNICAF Graduation

Below is a selection of study programmes offered online, through UNICAF, by partner universities:

University of South Wales

MBA (Master of Business Administration)

MA Education (Master in Education – Innovation in Learning and Teaching)

MSc Business Psychology

LLM (Master of Laws)

BA (Honours) Business Studies (Top-up degree)

Unicaf University

BSc in Computer Science

BA in Hospitality Management

BA in Business Administration

MBA  (Master in Business Administration)

MA Education

MSc Organisational Psychology

PhD in Marketing Management

PhD in Information and Technology

PhD in Education

PhD in Business Administration

PhD in Accounting and Finance

DBA (Doctorate of Business Administration)

EdD (Doctor of Education in Organizational Change and Leadership)

For further information about study programmes available through UNICAF and about the UNICAF Scholarship Programme, please visit www.unicaf.org


Mueke Katwa
I have two years experience in Business Support which covers Human Resource as a function; and a lifelong passion in creative writing.


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      You can get full details on how to apply by visiting their website.


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      There are other courses offered you just need to search for them in other job sites to find the one that matches your skills. Sorry for the inconvenience though.


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      The institution is accredited so if there is a particular course that you wanted to pursue you can do so but let us know if you have more questions on this.


    • Thank you for showing interest in this programme.

      We encourage you to go ahead and enroll for the program. UNICAF has step in with practical solutions to enable African candidates with work/ family commitments, or financial difficulties be part of internationally recognized degrees from reputable partner universities in the UK, Europe and Africa.

      So, yes, the qualifications are internationally recognized. ^AN

    • You can inquire that information through contacting them, and the contact details are well highlighted in the website. We also have something else that might interest you too..visit educutis http://www.educartis.co.ke/ and view related courses


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