UNICAF Scholarships Customised Payment Plans to Fit Your Budget

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The decision to pursue a university degree is a big step that can change your life. Not only will you earn an academic qualification to help you find a job, or advance in your career, you will also acquire a competitive advantage that will help you stand out to employers and succeed professionally.

Of course, such a major decision requires financial planning and commitment from your side. Tuition fees that have to be paid up-front, before you are allowed to commence your studies, can be a considerable obstacle, even for individuals that already have jobs and a regular income.


UNICAF offers one of the most generous scholarship programmes available today, covering up to 75% of tuition fees for eligible students. You can simply apply online and a student adviser will contact and guide you through the entire application process. After the admissions officer and scholarship committee have reviewed your academic qualifications and financial capabilities, you will be informed about the exact amount of fees you will have to pay for the degree programme you have selected; you can then choose a suitable payment plan for the small percentage of fees not covered by the scholarship, which will fit your financial situation and lifestyle.

You can take advantage of UNICAF’s rolling admissions by deciding to begin your studies at the time that is right for you. All degree programmes available through UNICAF can be completed online with a flexible schedule that allows you to study at your most convenient time and place. You also save on travel costs and living expenses, which you would have to pay to study abroad, and you can ‘earn as you learn’, that is study and work at the same time. This way UNICAF helps you in your quest for quality higher education at a cost you can afford.

UNICAF scholarships and customised fee payment plans are available for Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate degree programmes from a range of partner universities in the UK, the United States and Africa.
Find out more about the UNICAF Scholarship Programme and start changing your life by applying here.

Doreen Mueke
Doreen is the Senior Content Marketer at Ringier One Africa Media.