Upskill and Get the Salary you Deserve

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upskill and get the salary you deserve

Getting a better paycheque or an increase is not always tied down to getting a promotion. You can show your worth by getting higher qualifications in your field and proving to be of more value. As an employee who possesses multiple skills, employers are in a better position to give you more responsibility, as well as review your remuneration.

Experience, for many employers, go hand in hand with titles, duties and pay package ranges. That does not necessarily mean that more experienced candidates always get higher pay packages.  Employers often have different employee package bands that consider the qualification level of an individual possesses.

Lifelong Learning Equals Lifelong Earning

upskilling gives lifelong value

The job market is continuously changing and, employees and employers constantly must adapt. That is why it is essential that you keep your skills updated and remain flexible to the changes that may occur in your field.  

Asking for a promotion or an increase can be hard. Asking for it based purely on the experience is even harder. Employers will look at what you have to offer and why you deserve additional income if you just meet the criteria.

Additional skills and qualifications will make you stand out. It will be easier to justify your request for a salary review. Upskilling yourself also shows that you are focused, determined and are willing to invest in yourself.


A career plan is one of the best things you can do for your career and salary situation. Being able to envision the processes contributing to the review will help you identify all the skills and qualifications you need to make it.

Knowing all that you need to get an increase will enable you to make the right decisions in terms of acquiring the skills and qualifications. It is safe to think of the career plan as your career’s GPS.  Career plans are subjective and factor in various aspects of individuals lives. This self-awareness and reflection helps you draw up plans that will yield the best results for you.

There are that many sites that offer free customizable career plan templates for you to use in planning your increase journey.

Stay Updated, Upskill Yourself

upskilling improves cv

Salary increase is usually based on a person’s ability to perform in the position that they’re in. Education and experience are two key factors that employers consider when promoting a candidate or increase ng a salary. Unfortunately, there is no shortcut to experience.

Fortunately, you can always study further and obtain required skills or qualifications. The career plan would have illustrated what courses or skills you’d need to advance.  Embarking on these courses demonstrates to employers that you have thought through how that appointment would advance the company in exponential ways. This also makes the promotion deserved rather than by chance.

Receiving an outstanding performance review puts you in a greater position to be able to negotiate a salary increase as it demonstrates that you’re a valuable employee.

More Qualifications Help You Express Yourself

upskilling helps you express yourself

If you are active and vocal about your career aspirations and can express yourself to authority, you will be taken seriously. The fact that you can also show you are proactively taking steps to upskill will also prove advantageous.

The aim here is not becoming a teacher’s pet or an overly opinionated employee. It is to show that you are an employee who is active and engaged in the happenings of the organisation. Expressing new ideas goes further and shows you are proactive and invested in improving the company, which employers acknowledge as a leader’s trait.  

A series of insightful and genuine inputs will get you a step closer to your goal.  You can enroll in various business and communication courses to be a more confident and effective communicator.  Communication courses can help you become more competent at making things clear, managing diversity, building teams and dealing with problems.

Fake it Till you Make it

Your qualifications may not be in the career you desire. You might have graduated and after some time realised it is not what you want to do after all. Your qualifications do not cast your career in stone, they are rather preparations to launch you to the career you desire. Obtaining a qualification in something indicates your level of readiness to current and or potential employers.   

It is important to note that while being in the possession of several qualifications shows that you are competent in those fields, you might require practical experience. 

BrighterMonday Learning provides you with a platform to find thousands of courses to help up your skills. You can choose a course that fits your needs and study preferences.   

So, whether you get the increase or not, complaints and inaction will not aid your quest in getting it. Show that you want and deserve the increase and you will get it – eventually.

Doreen Mueke
Doreen is the Senior Content Marketer at Ringier One Africa Media.