5 Things Wise Job Seekers Can Do This Year to Increase their Chances

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wise job seeker new year

The new year brings forth an opportunity for a fresh start. It’s a sign of hope for the things to come. Even though some fundamental things do not change, it is a time to review what has happened and learn lessons that will help you perform better. For job seekers, it signifies brand new opportunities and a chance to get that opportunity they are looking for. 

It is time to gauge your job seeking behavior last year, learn from the mistakes and take the good practice into the new year. time to ask the hard questions and objectively look inward.

Here are the things you can do this year to maximize your chances of getting interviews and scoring that job you’re eyeing. 

Go for the Gold

wise job seekers new year

Do not be afraid of trying. Self-confidence and belief come from within you and are based on self-awareness that stems from qualifications, experience and personal attributes that suit the jobs in question. 

Most job seekers are afraid of being rejected, that’s why if you’re able to overcome your fears, you will be unstoppable. If you want to be a successful job seeker, apply for jobs that you qualify for and those that give you an opportunity to tackle greater challenges. Do not be afraid of a job because you don’t have one or two not-so-major requirements. You might not get hired right away but being interviewed for roles that require more experience and skills will enhance your ability to sell yourself in future interviews. Plus, you can also get leads from job recruiters and other people you’ll meet during your interviews.

Do Not  Be Afraid to Ask for Help

Successful job seekers are just highly intelligent people who can handle anything that comes their way. The reason they’re able to handle every problem and obstacle they face is that they’re not afraid to ask for help. Successful people had to start somewhere, and they started by asking questions. They know that they cannot know everything and are willing to learn from mentors in their professional networks.

If you’re being held back by your fear to ask for help, you won’t be able to make progress. Don’t feel as if you are a burden or think that you’re not going to get the help you need. People love helping other people but just remember not to bombard them with too many questions at once.

Ask the right people who can lead you to more job interviews, opportunities, new leads, professional contacts, and resume advice. Don’t let pride prevent you from accepting help  and keep in mind that you can always repay people’s kindness later on.

Allot More Time Job Hunting Than Anything Else

wise job seekers new year

Job hunting is a job in itself and it requires dedication. One of the biggest mistakes that most job seekers make is that they don’t treat job hunting like a full-time job. If you would really like to land your dream job this year, it’s important to reach as many companies as possible.

You can try making business cards, updating your resume or getting a professional to review your CV for you, starting a blog, or creating a professional website. You can also attend career fairs and seminars in the industry you would want to join. 

If you feel there are not enough jobs in your area then you’re going to have to cast a wide net. Consider some of the following options to widen your job search:

  • Edit each CV to suit the job you are applying
  • Make sure your resume is keyword optimized
  • Write a new cover letter targeted at the jobs you want
  • Practice interviewing with your friends or family
  • Search through all of your resources – online job boards, newspapers, LinkedIn, bulletin boards, etc. for employment ads
  • Improve your skills by taking a personality test, a numerical reasoning test, or a verbal reasoning test
  • Attend conferences and networking events to open yourself up to new opportunities
  • Update your BrighterMonday and LinkedIn profiles and get recommendations and references

Make Your Presence Known

The unemployment crisis in Kenya is in an all-time high. If you want to have a competitive advantage over other job seekers this year, you have to ensure that your potential recruiters or employers can find you. Create winning profiles on leading job sites so your name will pop up when employers do a search. It is much better if you’ll include a portfolio or sample work so employers can gauge your suitability and your skills. You might also want to check and clean up your social media accounts. 

Just like successful job seekers, you need to be aggressive and make sure that you make your presence known. When recruiters find you and sets up an interview, you can then position yourself better and highlight your skills and experience.

Have A Growth Mindset

Having a growth mindset is really important when it comes to job hunting. Although successful job seekers are skilled, they know that they can improve a lot of their key strengths through practice and experience.

You need to view success as something you can achieve through hard work and dedication. In the same way, go above and beyond when proving that you’re well suited for a job even if you  have doubts imposter syndrome.

Remain Optimistic

wise job seekers new year

Rejection hurts, but it shouldn’t discourage you or make you lose momentum in your job search efforts. Remain optimistic all the time and view failure as a learning opportunity. Remember to utilize all available resources to improve yourself and continuously reassess yourself. 

May all your job search efforts bear fruit this year!

Doreen Mueke
Doreen is the Senior Content Marketer at Ringier One Africa Media.