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Testimonial: My Career Story with BrighterMonday – Sunshine Shisia

Still wondering whether BrighterMonday works? See the testimonial below from a satisfied member of our online family.

Current Role; Transport and Logistics Officer at Tuffsteel ltd

Highest Education level; B/Com business Admin and mgt, from Daystar University.

Years of Experience: 7yrs+

BM: How has your job search experience been like?

Sunshine:  This can perhaps be said to be a full time job in itself, and a very tedious time consuming experience.  Nowadays the Kenyan market is flooded with qualified job seekers and graduates who seek to penetrate the market.  May it be new job seekers or fresh graduates, or professionals seeking a career change this can be a make or break experience.  A good example is in my work environment, where we have qualified veterinary doctor who works as a driver, this simply means that the job market is flooded and one may not necessarily get his line of education, this particular driver is very humble and does as directed without complaining or shoving his papers everywhere.

In essence today, you would hardly sent one application and get a response immediately.  I kept sending over 20 applications per week for a period of 1 and half plus years, I got about 3 job interviews, with a promise of a second interview that never happened.

BM: How did you hear about BrighterMonday?

Sunshine:  I first heard about BrighterMonday through search engines, later I become more confident after viewing the site on the web, and also a TV advert, the website, basically had adverts that were genuine, with reputable companies. I then decided this BM would be my train to my career growth.

BM: How has BrighterMonday helped in your career search and growth?

Sunshine: BM daily updates its website daily, and once you sign in toBrighterMonday career site, one gets updates on email with the criteria they have chosen in the various fields.  For me, this was the best method I chose because I used BrighterMonday to do the hardest work in matching my search criteria, while I would do the hard work of applying to the various posts.BrighterMonday career center and daily updates on social media give very good practical advice on the do’s and don’ts during career growth and search.

BM: What do you think gave you advantage over other candidates in your job search efforts?

Sunshine: What gave me an advantage over other candidates was not the years of experience but the confidence I got from BrighterMonday career site, in particular, 30 most common interview questions and how best to answer them, was very helpful, I actually crammed all of this questions as if I was studying for a final exam.  An equally important tip was what questions to ask the potential employer, which made me seem so confident.

Presentation tips and a back ground check on the company before the interview was quite important. During an interview, suits and ties are not a must, but neatness is.

BM: If you were to do an interview all over again, what would you do differently?

Sunshine: What I would do differently would be ask for more responsibilities during the interview, Otherwise I would say BrighterMonday prepared me well enough and I have absolutely no regret about trusting BM with my career progression. I should have let BrighterMonday do the hard work for me much earlier than I did.

BM:What would you advice other job seekers?


  1. Any job seeker, new in the field or wanting to switch careers, should first register with BrighterMonday site.
  2. Widen your area of specialization.
  3. Apply for any position you at least meet 80% of the minimum requirement.
  4. Do not be too choosy with you job, especially if you do not have prior experience.
  5. After successful interview appointment, do a background search on the organization, and the position you have applied for.
  6. Do not give up a job search after only a few application, keep applying, till you secure an interview.
  7. Be willing to do odd jobs as you seek your dream job.
  8. Have a realistic salary expectation.
  9. Start low and work your way up.
  10. Do not slam a door behind you, you may need to walk back in.



Mueke Katwa
I have two years experience in Business Support which covers Human Resource as a function; and a lifelong passion in creative writing.
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