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How to Get a CV Template that Works for You

Your Curriculum Vitae is the only shot you have as a candidate to access an interview session and showcase your exemplary skills and experience. Most candidates never get the chance to present their case before an interview panel because their CVs do not stand out. The Curriculum Vitae, when directly translated, it means “Courses of Life”. It is a written representation of what life has formally and informally taught a particular individual that makes them a perfect fit for a working in a certain capacity. Your CV is as good as the template it is laid out on. The potential employer usually has a mountain of CVs to go through, making his or her task quite daunting. A well laid out CV beckons their attention to your capabilities and experience and earns you that chance to an interview you are praying fervently for. So how do you ensure you get the most suitable template?

You should be aware that different industries should have different CV formats. For instance, a Creative Designer’s CV will not be the same as a Customer Service Officer’s CV or an Accountant’s. Bear this in mind and be more specific in your search for a CV template. There are four general formats that can offer assistance when looking for a suitable CV template.

If your career line places emphasis on quality of output and creativity, you will need to use a Creative CV template. This CV has a template that looks more of a promotional flyer with bright colour, artistic font and imagery to accompany the content. It displays creativity, ability to think outside the box and innovation. These are skills that drive such industries, aside from formal qualifications. Such a format suits Creative design, Marketing and Media candidates.

If your career line relies on proven track record, you should to use a Performance CV template. The CV template of such a resume highlights achievements in previous engagements and clearly showcases one’s experience and skills. Such a format is suitable for candidates in industries that require soft skills like Customer Service, Administration, PR, among others.

Where your career line is of a technical nature, your qualifications and experience are key to anyone looking at your CV. You will need to use a Technical CV template to showcase your skills. This template allows you to display your problem solving skills, projects you have successfully worked on and growth in experience. This template should also showcase your soft skills and present your profile as a balanced individual and not just a technical robot.

Beginners joining a particular industry usually have qualifications but lack in experience. Despite the fact that some candidates lack in experience, it is not surprising to find an employer placing preference on candidates who lack experience over others who possess experience. This is because the CV grabbed their attention to the individual’s transferable skills. A Targeted CV template can help you direct the employer’s attention on your untapped potential, your ability to learn fast and adapt and your all-rounded capabilities. These are more valuable to an employer than raw experience.

The most important thing to remember is that the content of your CV is what will pave into an interview room for you. An employer will get CVs with so many templates, but will only shortlist those with the potential of what he or she considers their preferred employee. Finally, Use correct grammar, crosscheck for typos, use simple language and state facts only. Even the most strikingCV template cannot save you from some of these mistakes.


Mueke Katwa
I have two years experience in Business Support which covers Human Resource as a function; and a lifelong passion in creative writing.
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