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How Can I Get Recognised At Work For My Efforts?

Get recognised at work

Getting recognised and rewarded for your work

You put your best foot forward at work. You are constantly researching on current market trends and new ways of doing your job well. You always push your boundaries and your track record is enviable. However, you hardly ever get noticed by those who matter. Maybe your boss takes all the credit or your employer just does not appreciate a good job. Worse still, maybe you never let anyone know that you are actually the reason why things seem to be working so smoothly in your department. Getting recognised at work, sometimes, requires a little more effort than just doing your work perfectly well day-in, day-out.

Reasons for not getting recognised at work

It would seem natural for companies or managers to ensure that they give recognition to their best-performing employees. The truth is, when someone gets recognised for a job well-done, they are likely to keep pushing the boundaries to the benefit of the company. However, it is not always that black and white and here is why.

  • Your company does not value employee recognition: Some companies have no systems, both formal and informal, to celebrate a good job. This is a governance issue and all those who get in soon learn that a good job is hardly celebrated but a mistake is costly. Obviously, this is a bad culture as it does not motivate employees to constantly go out of their way and it shows that the company does not value its employees’ efforts.
  • Your boss is afraid of your success: In some cases, it has nothing to do with the company’s culture. Your boss just does not like people who shine more than them and so your consistent good work is viewed as a threat as opposed to being a value addition. In such a case, the boss may even be domineering and this ensures that no one gets or gives any credit. Any recognition, instead, goes to the boss.
  • You only let your work do the talking: You work hard and let your work do the talking. In any case, that is what you have always been told. However, the truth is that it is perfectly fine to blow your own trumpet once in awhile. You need to let people know what you have done so that they can also see it and pay attention. The other problem is downplaying your own accomplishments. Some people think that being recognised is embarrassing and as such, they always make it look like their accomplishments do not matter. That only makes it hard for you to be given recognition even when you do bigger things.
  • You never give others recognition for a good job: People give what they get. You get out of life the equivalent of what you put in. Make a habit of praising others. Other people in the company do just as well as you do so recognising them will also make them recognise you when you do something great. If you do not give others the recognition they deserve, they are very unlikely to extend the same favour to you.

Getting recognised at work

Recognition is definitely a morale booster and it shows that your efforts are not lost to anyone in the workplace. It can give you the push to keep going the extra mile and it feels better when it is sincere and unsolicited. Here is how to ensure that you get that recognition that you truly deserve for all the hard work you put in.

  • Take ownership of the credit given: Sometimes, you will do a stellar job and your colleagues will sincerely congratulate you. However, some people feel embarrassed and try to downplay their work or the praises. This will only make it hard for people to praise you next time and worse still, those higher up will not hear about your capabilities if you keep deflecting the recognition. When others praise you for your work, do not brag about it. Instead, be courteous and accept the praise with a thank you.
  • Take time to recognise others: Recognition is a habit. Work can sometimes feel like routine but the truth is, people often do extraordinary things which appear mundane but in reality, they make all the difference. If you recognise the work of others, they are likely to pay you the same courtesy when you do something great. This sincerity cultivates a culture of giving credit and soon, it will not be hard to get recognition for your work, effortlessly.
  • Share the limelight: In most companies, teamwork makes the dream work. As such, you may have accomplished a project’s targets because you led a dynamic team of individuals or you made a great contribution to the team’s success. As much as you may have brought the lion’s share to the team, it is always good to share the success with the rest of the team because they too made their contribution towards the overall success. When you make a point of sharing success with others, they will, in turn, share their success with you and congratulate you and that is how you will get the recognition you deserve.
  • Be the very best at your job: An easy way of getting recognition is by being so good that people will often come to you for help. This way, you will get noticed by both your colleagues and your boss and they will be grateful for the help you offer. Being exceptionally good ensures that people rely on you for help and they will, in turn, recognise your input.
  • Let your boss know about your input: Sometimes, you just have to make it known that you are a star in the company. You do not have to say it outright but you can ensure that your boss knows about the little moves you make and the decisions that affect the company’s or department’s success. Ensure that you stay factual and you let your boss know what input others had in the overall success. This makes it for the boss to recognise your work and how it benefits the company.
  • Use formal means of recognition: Some companies choose to have formal means of recognising the best-performing employees. It is a way of ensuring that everyone gets the recognition they deserve. Some of these formal methods include nominating people as employees of the month or year and it goes a long way in ensuring that employees recognise each other’s work and motivates others to work hard. When you nominate someone, you are likely to also be nominated when you exert yourself for the benefit of the company.

Getting recognised at work definitely, boosts your morale and gives you the drive to keep doing your best. However, it may not be forthcoming or sometimes, or other people get the recognition you deserve. There are varied reasons why you may not be recognised at work, ranging from your inability to recognise others, your inability to accept recognition or even the fact that your boss may be afraid of you. However, you can still ensure that you get recognised by recognising others, sharing the limelight and ensuring that your boss knows your input in various projects.

What does your company do to ensure that employees get recognised for their work?

Mueke Katwa
I have two years experience in Business Support which covers Human Resource as a function; and a lifelong passion in creative writing.
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