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The HR Forum Journey: Revolutionising Human Resource

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The Inception of the HR Forum

Human resource professionals in Kenya understand the value of peer interactions and sharing insights on matters regarding the job market. This is why BrighterMonday Kenya has been at the forefront in providing quarterly HR Forums that bring together seasoned HR practitioners to network and discuss pertinent issues in the industry. Renowned speakers are selected to share their ideas and experiences on different concepts resulting in thought-provoking discussions amongst peers.

There is a shift in the Kenyan job market where more human resource professionals, and owners of small companies, who also double up as recruiters, are becoming more aware of outdated practices that are not practical in the current job market. Companies in Kenya are now more cognizant of the impact their brand plays in areas like recruitment, organisational culture and ultimately, achieving objectives.

Previous Themes and Speakers

The HR Forum is an event for HR professionals and by HR professionals. The themes are collated views on pertinent issues in the industry that practitioners would like experienced insights on. This keeps the event’s focus relevant and practical to current needs in staffing and workplace affairs.

Some of the previous themes tackled in the forum include;

  1. The Inaugural Disrupt to the HR Profession

First HR Forum

Topics of discussion tackled by key-note speakers leading the event were;

  • Quality of hire and its implications in the organisation – Perminus Wainana of Corporate Staffing
  • Office culture with regards to the quality of hire – Sarah Richson of Richemelle International Consultants
  • Hire verification in relation to quality of hire – Marita Mutemi of Peleza Services
  1. The Strategic HR

HR Strategy

Topics of discussion dissected by key-note speakers at the event were;

  • The evolution of the HR profession – Joseph Gathuka of Web Tribe Limited
  • The strategic HR – John Mwenda of Unilever East Africa
  • Positioning HR as a business partner – Nyakio Munene of Anchor Consultants
  1. The Challenges And Successes of a Multi-Generational Workplace

First BrighterMonday HR Forum

Topics of discussion tackled by key-note speakers steering the event were;

  • Talent Management in a Multi-Generational Workspace- JackieJackie Ogonji (OGW) of Liquid Telecom
  • Human Capital Management Solutions- Stewart Samkange of Oracle  

During this HR Forum, attendees got a CPD point, in addition to a certificate of participation.

Milestones in the HR Forum

Since its inception, the HR Forum has attracted new and repeat subscriptions from human resource professionals at different levels in Kenya. The enlightening topics discussed and the networking interactions promoted have proven priceless to the attendees.

Participation in HR Forums is now a career boost for human resource practitioners in Kenya. Attendees are always rewarded with certificates of participation, which is a boost to their training needs.

This is Why You Should Attend the Next HR Forum

Based on the pointers above, it is clear that attending the HR Forum is valuable to any human resource professional in Kenya. It not only provides insights into the market’s issues and updates, but also boosts one’s career through certifications of training.

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I have two years experience in Business Support which covers Human Resource as a function; and a lifelong passion in creative writing.
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