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Job Apps Are The New Frontier

Job hunting made easier

You have probably heard the saying that there is an app for everything. It is now cliche but the truth is, there is indeed an app for everything, ok, almost everything. The tech scene has taken the world by storm and the job market has not been left behind. Everything has been made simpler, from the ability to look for jobs online and apply, to the ability to actually check out different employers before making a decision, there is no limit to how much job seekers can benefit. The latest move is the creation of job apps which have made things even simpler for job seekers. So, how are apps doing this?

  1. The ability to apply for jobs while on the move

Applying for jobs from anywhere

With the competition for jobs rising so much, it goes without saying that the ability to apply for jobs as soon as they arise is the smart move. With job apps, one can simply search and apply for jobs while on the go. Our phone is now the one stop shop for everything so, with a jobs app installed, you can simply see available jobs and submit your application as soon as a job arises. In Kenya, BrighterMonday’s app is the first of its kind in the market and as Stephen asserts, “This app is amazing. I was looking to change jobs as I wanted growth and then one day my friend told me about the app. I downloaded it and selected the criteria which fitted me, which was an accounting position. I would get alerts on a daily basis and apply for the jobs. Within two weeks, I managed to get two interviews. Needless to say, I reported to my new job slightly over a month after downloading the app. What I loved most is that I could easily apply for a job wherever I was. Like I applied for my current job while in a mat going home.”

  1. Job apps make it easy to apply for jobs online

Applying for jobs online

The truth is, scrolling down websites can be very tiresome. Most of them are not compatible with mobile phones and this makes job searching a nightmare, especially when the internet is slow. That is exactly where job apps come in. they are designed for mobile phones and this makes them easy to use and you can quickly search and apply for jobs even when the internet is slow. Like Mary, a successful user of the app says, “The jobs app has been really helpful because sometimes scrolling through a website can be problematic. I am quite busy and finding the time to go through entire websites looking for a job is hard, since I work in mid-level management.”

  1. Job alerts tailored to your credentials

Tailored job alerts

Think about it, usually, you have to scroll through sites and filtering out your options to get the kind of jobs that are within your qualifications. Annoyingly, you have no time for this because in between meetings and finishing all your tasks for the day, the time to search for jobs is just not there. That is where apps come in. With job apps, you can simply select your preferred criteria based on the kind of job you are looking for and you will get daily alerts with suitable jobs. This way, the app does the hard work of filtering jobs on the site for you and only presents to you what is relevant, based on your chosen criteria. It can’t get easier than that!

  1.  Job apps allow you to save your CV online

Saving your CV online

Remember the days of hard-copy CVs? Then came the age of applying for jobs via email and things became a little bearable, but you have to store your CV on your phone, computer, or a flash disk. With emails, you have to upload your CV each time you are making an application. Now apps are upon us and submitting your CV is now even easier. As Alex found out, “You simply upload your CV on the app and when you see a job that suits your credentials, you just apply for it with a saved copy of your CV. That is all I did three months ago and I am set to report to my new job next month.” Apps let you save your CV such that when you get a notification of a suitable job, you simply apply for it without any trouble.

Job apps are the new thing in the ever-changing world of job hunting. With apps things are made much easier, and you can now focus on sharpening your skills and interviewing abilities.

What capabilities do you look for in a job app?

Njeri Karanja
Njeri is a reading and creative writing enthusiast who is neck-deep in research writing. She is well versed in researching and writing on various topics.
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